Hear, hear. HideIPVPN is looking for ways to improve usage of VPN network and improve you usage experience by introducing VPN software for more platforms. Right now we are writing to see if any of you would be interested in making another step in history of HideIPVPN with us.Our requirements are quite simple. We already have a working version of our Windows software (click to download), this means that you can see exactly what we need and how we want it to work. Obviously if any of you will have further input, about how to change/improve our VPN software for both platforms – you are more than welcome to do so. We suppose that next step will be to develop software for mobile platforms, but as right now Mac OS is our focus.

We would like to have exactly the same features for VPN connections on Mac software as we have on its Windows version. Goal is to make installation and use of VPN as simple as possible for all our users.

If you are interested, here is what you have to do – write your offer/questions/thoughts to contact {at} hideipvpn.com. Obviously we would love to know: what sort of work you have done previously (to make sure we will not waste each others time), how much time do you think you need to complete the project and what is your initial price.

We can promise that we will answer all your queries, all offers will be taken under consideration and that no letter will be left without reply.

Looking forward to hear from you – HideIPVPN Team.