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Watch Netflix on Windows Phone outside USA

netflix windows phone

 Not that long ago we have told you about new service coming to HideIPVPN – Smart DNS. We are almost ready with all features of the new service and as promised we will bring you more news about all its features. Right now, we can tell you that service should be fully operational in May. In previous posts we have told you, that Smart DNS will allow to access geo-restricted services, devices and systems without VPN support. One of such systems is Windows Phone and all devices based on it.  Continue reading

Smart DNS vs. VPN

DNS vs VPNYesterday on our blog we have told you about new feature, Smart DNS coming to HideIPVPN VPN packages very soon. Today, we will try to answer one of the most important questions – which technology and why should be used. What is better, to unlock sites – SmartDNS or VPN? What is better if you want to hide IP address? Why would you need Smart DNS if you already have VPN?  Continue reading

Smart DNS is coming to HideIPVPN

smart dnsAs we have mentioned in our previous post we have some very exciting news for you, about significant improvements to our service. As one of the few VPN providers, HideIPVPN (soon) will give a chance to enjoy unlocked sites like Netflix, Hulu, iPlayer, Pandora, etc. Not only on devices with VPN support but also on the ones without.    Continue reading

TVCatchup VPN trick (watch UK TV live)

tvcProbably quite few of you have hear about great British web service – TVCatchup. In short, this service allows you to watch for free (you should have a paid UK TV Licence) over 50 UK TV channels live (including BBC One, BBC Two, CBeeBies,  CBBC, all ITV channels, Channel 4, Dave and many others). Until recently it was impossible to access TVCatchup services via any VPN service or proxy servers as all of them were blocked by TVC. Now, how ever there seems to be a hole in TVC hard shell (no guarantees how long it will last!!). Continue reading

Best VPN in Europe

eu flagIf you were ever wondering what VPN service should you choose for yourself, we will try to convince you that there is few reasons we are convinced HideIPVPN is the best option you can go for. From the VPN service that you choose you will need following: need flexibility, good prices, quick customer support, proven quality and freedom of choice of what you do in the internet. HideIPVPN Premium VPN packages can give you all that and more. Continue reading

Free Google Play with VPN

google-play-logoMany of us is using different mobile devices. Android smartphones and tablets, iOS based iPhones and iPads and (in authors private opinion underestimated Windows Phone). Recently, even Windows 8 is much more mobile with new range of hybrid devices. today we will tell you how you can use your VPN account to get apps from different parts of the world.   Continue reading

Safe haven for torrents downloaders

uTorrentIn many countries usage of torrent and P2P networks and downloads of files from such sources can be very risky. USA, UK, France and others have quite strict policies in this regard. One does not have to look far. Even latest initiative in US that we have wrote about on our blog is very questionable. Luckily you have HideIPVPN! And yes, we can help you with that. Continue reading

New NL VPN server in our network!

HideIPVPN - Free UK and US VPN, Free VPN service, Hide-Change IP VPN, Unblock Hulu, Unblock ITV, BBC Great news today for HideIPVPN users all over the world.Our network is growing again. This time it should be especially important for all our US customers, they are the ones that should strongly consider using VPN solutions due to recent “moves” against “illegal” downloads from the internet – code name CAS.   Continue reading

Windows 8 VPN issue fixed!

Windows 8Windows 8, newest Microsoft system is more popular with every single day. There is a lot of complains and criticism against it but it really is not a bad system. Even  HideIPVPN Team has really divided opinions. There is two things certain. Those of you with touch screen or hybrid devices (like Envy x2 or Asus Vivo Tab) will discover that Modern UI is not as bad as “they say”. Secondly, as all things man made it is not perfect.
Continue reading