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Watch British TV in Spain


In February 2014, Brits living permanently in Spain were hit with very bad news. Mots popular British TV channels are no longer available in Spain. BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 have move to ‘Astra 2E’ satellite and their signal is no longer accessible. For many, many British families going to Spain for holidays or living abroad permanently this was very bad new. But fear not – HideIPVPN has your back!  Continue reading

Netflix & Crackle – news

Unblock Netflix & Crackle

Today is the day when we bring you hot, fresh news regarding your favourite streaming service. At the same time we though it will be good to remind you that there are other choices (when streaming of video content is concerned) than Netflix, Hulu and iPlayer (all of which are of course fully accessible with our SmartDNS and VPN).  Continue reading

Don’t miss new series at Hulu!

watch free hulu dns vpnHulu is not something that needs any introduction. One of the best places in the internet to watch new video shows, tv programmes and movies on demand. It has a great viewing model, as next to subscription based service, Hulu Plus, there is also completely free, ad supported version of this VOD service for every one. Well, almost…. Continue reading

Netflix news – unblock & watch!

Netflix ValentinesWe got some excellent news today. Not only it is St. Valentine’s Day today but also Netflix is bringing in some new, exciting content (some today, some very soon). If you have not subscribed to our VPN or SmartDNS proxy service to unblock access to Netflix, perhaps this post will change your mind?  Continue reading

How to hide IP – quick guide (part 1)

How to hide your IP addressOn our blog we talk a lot about online privacy, anonymity, dangers in the internet. We know that a lot of our visitors is coming to our blog for quick information and advice about how to change IP, how to hide IP, how to be anonymous in the internet. But there is also large group of people, perhaps some of them are among your friends, who do not know what IP is. Why should they worry, why would they want to hide  IP address – something so unimportant. In this post, we will try in shortest and simplest way explain all this.  Continue reading

Autumn HULU & Windows 8.1 news


Few days have passed and now we all (Windows 8 users) can enjoy free update to brand new Windows 8.1. Personally author of this article has to admit that new Windows seems like a step in right direction and definitely is an improvement over previous version. Also, since it is almost the end of October we have entered  in to autumn season for TV and that means news for users of Hulu, VPN and SmartDNS.  Continue reading

Unlock CBS – official app for Windows 8

Unblock CBS outside USCBS is one of Americas biggest TV stations. It started as radio station (in era before cable TV). Right now it bring one of the most popular TV series to its viewers. Because of that a lot of people is googling for ways to watch CBS outside US. Today we will tell you about two possible solutions to the problem – how to watch CBS with HideIPVPN, plus we will tell you about very cool app (and how to get it if you are not in USA).  Continue reading

Unlock British TV – ITV UK

Unblock ITV UK

Since our posts recently has focused manly on Netflix – how to unlock Netflix, how to watch Netflix outside of USA, how to access different Netflix libraries, etc. As well ass all security and privacy concerns you might have like how to hide IP address, why you should use VPN with Free WiFi, how VPN keeps you anonymous, etc. we thought it is time for small change. In new series of entries on our VPN blog we will focus UK and British streaming and VOD services. We will tell you how easily you can unblock UK TV with SmartDNS and how to watch almost anything you want (when you are away from UK) and stay safe at the same time with VPN.  Continue reading