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Netflix & Crackle – news

Unblock Netflix & Crackle

Today is the day when we bring you hot, fresh news regarding your favourite streaming service. At the same time we though it will be good to remind you that there are other choices (when streaming of video content is concerned) than Netflix, Hulu and iPlayer (all of which are of course fully accessible with our SmartDNS and VPN).  Continue reading

Don’t miss new series at Hulu!

watch free hulu dns vpnHulu is not something that needs any introduction. One of the best places in the internet to watch new video shows, tv programmes and movies on demand. It has a great viewing model, as next to subscription based service, Hulu Plus, there is also completely free, ad supported version of this VOD service for every one. Well, almost…. Continue reading

Netflix news – unblock & watch!

Netflix ValentinesWe got some excellent news today. Not only it is St. Valentine’s Day today but also Netflix is bringing in some new, exciting content (some today, some very soon). If you have not subscribed to our VPN or SmartDNS proxy service to unblock access to Netflix, perhaps this post will change your mind?  Continue reading

Autumn HULU & Windows 8.1 news


Few days have passed and now we all (Windows 8 users) can enjoy free update to brand new Windows 8.1. Personally author of this article has to admit that new Windows seems like a step in right direction and definitely is an improvement over previous version. Also, since it is almost the end of October we have entered  in to autumn season for TV and that means news for users of Hulu, VPN and SmartDNS.  Continue reading

Plenty of action this weekend!

Unblock CrackleFrom time to time HideIPVPN brings you some news and reminders about what to watch on TV from UK unlocked sites as well as US unblocked VOD services. On other times we advise you why you should hide your IP and why anonymity in the web is important. As it is Friday and we have noticed few interesting things (to watch), we thought it is a good idea to share with you how you can relax and use VPN & SmartDNS service over the weekend.  Continue reading

F1 back at BBC UK

formula1Hooray!!! The long wait is over. Formula 1 is back in Europe. And that means that you should connect to our UK VPN servers, go to and check when you can watch all the action LIVE. If you are not member of HideIPVPN community, don’t worry. We will tell you what is it all about.  Continue reading

Netflix’s “Hemlock Grove” is available now! + teaser from HideIPVPN

Netflix Hemlock Grove

Some of you may have noticed that not that long ago, on our Facebook Wall we have told you about latest in Netflix own productions – Hemlock Grove. It will be second Netflix exclusive production after famous “House of Cards“. Yes, we remember about Lilyhammer – but from what we know, it was also available in TV…in Norway :-). Today, users from Europe, form all parts of the world actually (thanks to our Netflix VPN) can enjoy all that this service has to offer. Continue reading

More Netflix news

netflixWe understand that not all of you (using HideIPVPN network to get US IP address) are Netflix subscribers but we suspect that a lot of you are. Within last year Netflix service has changed significantly. From ordinary video “rent by post” service it grew to be the largest and most popular streaming service in the world. It also starts to be a serious competitor to well established players like HBO, Starz or FOX. Continue reading

Weekend movie recommendations

movies From time to time HideIPVPN takes a liberty of recommending you stuff to watch. It is not different this time. All recommended materials (with exception of Netflix) are free to watch for all our VPN users with access to our US VPN and UK VPN servers. If you want to change or hide your IP and are not interested in torrent downloads we got some awesome VPN plans for you in our Premium section.  Continue reading

Sunday with BBC iPlayer

bbc-iplayer-betaEvery now and than we try to recommend you some thing you can watch through our VPN network. This time we would like to focus you attention on some very interesting movies presented by BBC iPlayer. Great thing about this service that it offers awesome quality and is free to use, as long as you can change your IP address to UK IP. Let us (first) tell you how to do it.  Continue reading