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Netflix is doing OK – join now to save money!

Netflix 1st quarter numbersIf you have feared for your favourite VOD service in recent weeks we got some very good news. Yesterday Netflix have publish it 1st quarter earnings and at least for now things are looking awesome! Read more to find out how to unblock Netflix abroad and (if you are not a member yet) how you can save some money on this superb service!  Continue reading

Egg-cellent Easter promotion

Easter VPN proxy SmartDNS promotionVPN services to hide IP and be more anonymous in the internet, as well as proxy SmartDNS to unblock US and UK streaming sites are getting more popular everyday. We can see how community of our satisfied customers is growing daily with new fans joining our Facebook  and/or Google Plus social networks. Because of that HideIPVPN is also looking for an “excuse” to give more people to try & buy our services cheaper.  Continue reading

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Best VPN for Portugal

Unblock UK in PortugalToday we would like to give some advice about VPN to those of you living in Portugal. It does not matter if you are looking for ways to improve your English, or if English is your first language. Whichever is the reason you both want unblock UK TV and unblock US VOD services. But that might not be all. If you want to be invisible in the internet or simply would love to make anonymous downloads – HideIPVPN has a right product for you. Continue reading

HideIPVPN is Heartbleed safe



We are certain many of you have heard about “Heartbleed”, recent bug or loophole in OpenSSL protocol. We wanted to let you know that you are safe at HideIPVPN!  Continue reading

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Watch British TV in Spain


In February 2014, Brits living permanently in Spain were hit with very bad news. Mots popular British TV channels are no longer available in Spain. BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 have move to ‘Astra 2E’ satellite and their signal is no longer accessible. For many, many British families going to Spain for holidays or living abroad permanently this was very bad new. But fear not – HideIPVPN has your back!  Continue reading

Do Americans need VPN to watch Netflix?

netflix loading streaming issuesNot that long ago we have read some news in the internet about problems of Netflix subscribers with access to Netflix streaming. Although it sounds strange it looks like (some of) US users might soon need VPN tool to access streams of movies. And all because of greed…. Continue reading

Monday, 31 March 2014 at 22:02 in SmartDNS, vpn by Admin

Unblock! – it finally works!

TVCatchup unblockedFor months and months users from all around the world were looking to unblock access to famous UK TV streaming site – TVCatchup! This is the best place to watch UK TV channels live. For the same reason English users going for holidays to Cyprus, France, Spain or Italy were also asking – can you unblock tvcatchup, can I watch TVC on my holidays? We have great news – Now you can!  Continue reading

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Netflix & Crackle – news

Unblock Netflix & Crackle

Today is the day when we bring you hot, fresh news regarding your favourite streaming service. At the same time we though it will be good to remind you that there are other choices (when streaming of video content is concerned) than Netflix, Hulu and iPlayer (all of which are of course fully accessible with our SmartDNS and VPN).  Continue reading