Coming soon to Netflix & HBO Now

Coming soon to NetflixThere are few important factors that one has to consider when choosing a right VOD service. One of those factors, the most important one is the content. Today we will try to let you know what titles are coming soon to Netflix and HBO as well as show you why you need both – VPN and Smart DNS! Continue reading

HBO Now is coming soon…


hbo now vpnNetflix, Crackle, Hulu and HBO… Well known names to any VOD & TV fan in the world. Different countries, different languages but the same desire everywhere. To watch new series, new movies. In good quality. Anywhere, anytime for a reasonable price. One of the hottest names in the industry is HBO and announced changes to its VOD service. Now we know a bit more… Continue reading

And even more Netflix news…

bbc bye

It can not be always only good news, unfortunately. Netflix seems to be a hot subject in recent days.

First we have reported, that there is a chance that Netflix will start to take a lot more active stance against VPN’s and proxy DNS services like ours. After few days we have confirmed, that nothing changes and no drastic action should be expected.  Continue reading