How to unblock websites at work or school

200_200If you do not have a big data plan in your mobile or your device has only WiFi connectivity, quite often you will want to use it in school or workplace. Because in such places most of the time there are strong limitations of the way Internet can be used we thought we will write short post about how you can bypass government or workplace censorship. Continue reading

Cloud (and internet) are not so safe…


Almost every single day brings us news about Internet and how dangerous place it might be. This is why HideIPVPN urges you you think about your online safety. It is also one of the reasons we are trying to make you use VPN at all times.  Continue reading

You can prevent cybercrime!

We have been asked by our Friends from VPNRanks to share some interesting info with you. We can bet that a lot of you have heard about Cybercrime, hackers, etc., but perhaps not all of you realize how serious situations actually.  Continue reading

Piracy in UK – things are getting worse!

Piracy is a crime - get VPN

Do you remember our latest post about change of policy towards Internet piracy in United Kingdom? If not do not read the whole story (as it looks like it was not true) but what we told you at the end. In our opinion, whatever news was true or not VPN today is still something you must use!  Continue reading

UK has decriminalised internet piracy!

This news today came as a very big surprise. In today’s world, where money are the most important thing for all companies and corporations, for shareholders and especially for entertainment industry it is unthinkable that someone might propose, that Internet users downloading and sharing copyrighted content will not be pursued. But it looks like (at least in UK) it is happening. Continue reading

Unblock Amazon Prime Instant Video

Prime InstantThere is many video streaming services out there. And as with anything else some are better than others. There is no denying that first on your list are all free services. With HideIPVPN service , customers can easily unblock Crackle, Hulu, NBC, FOX and of course UK famous BBC and its iPlayer. However there are also great services that require “hard cash”. Today we will tell you about one of them, perhaps this will help you choose the right one. Continue reading

Netflix is doing OK – join now to save money!

Netflix 1st quarter numbersIf you have feared for your favourite VOD service in recent weeks we got some very good news. Yesterday Netflix have publish it 1st quarter earnings and at least for now things are looking awesome! Read more to find out how to unblock Netflix abroad and (if you are not a member yet) how you can save some money on this superb service!  Continue reading

Great news for US cable subscribers!

EPIX HD unlocked

Not a day goes by without us trying to make your life easier. Our awesome VPN SmartDNS proxy application goes through last sets of test before new update.You know that every single day HideIPVPN Team is here to assist you and make sure your IP is always hidden, your on-line identity secret and your life and surfing with VPN and our Smart DNS as smooth as possible. Today, we bring you another proof that you and your experiences are for us top priority.  Continue reading