BBC iPlayer VPN – good news

blogbbciplayerThree days ago we told you about BBC iPlayer fight with VPN’s (BBC UK VPN problems). We know such situation is not something that makes you, our customers happy. This is why we were hard at work to fix BBC iPlayer VPN problem.

iPlayer VPN fixed

Last week after BBC has announced its change of policy against VPN services we have told you that 2 of our UK VPN servers were affected. UK3 and UK7 VPN were no longer working with BBC iPlayer.

It is our great pleasure to let you know, that both of them are back to full operations. For now (and this is for all our servers) iPlayer VPN is back online!

iPlayer VPN – this can change

If this situation would change and you’d notice any problems with those two or our other UK VPN servers, please let us know ASAP. And of course if we would notice that one of the servers can no longer be used as iPlayer VPN we will let you know immediately.

For now, please enjoy our VPN service. If you want to test our VPN – please follow the link below.

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