Do I need VPN in USA?

us flagQuite often we are told by people we meet in USA, that VPN is not something they need or should be concerned about. As an argument they say that it it the rest of the world that wants US IP address to access Netflix or Hulu. They, US citizens already have it, so? We have to agree with this but only to a point. As far as US IP goes you are right, you do not need one (almost). But as far as VPN issue goes you are as far from the truth as one can be.

Because USA is a very important place on the map of the world (in many areas), it is also the first one in which many new laws, ideas and technologies are created, used and tested. We can bet that for example all big internet companies are (in first place) gathering and learning how to analyse data about you, US consumers. Every single bit of information they can get about you counts. You may not see that working yet but do not be fooled – you will. As authorities would love to get free access (they already ask providers and developers for “back-doors” to their systems) to information about you. So do private companies, shops, banks, insurance companies. Not to mention that in all and any of them you may encounter “black – sheep” personnel. People who will use data entrusted them for their private gain.

Use of VPN servers can prevent that! VPN protocols working for you will ensure that all your data exchanged with the world is encrypted and send/received under false/changed IP address. This way, no one (be accident) will be able to learn your identity, you habits, your life.

What’s more through VPN network you may also get access to geo-restricted sites like Netflix in UK (yes! they got different library than you).

Perhaps you like to use p2p/torrent client from time to time? Is downloading movies form the net legal in your state? Well, if not you may wish to consider our p2p/torrent VPN package unless you prefer to await a letter with bill in your mailbox because you stole 3 songs worth thousand of dollars?

What about those of you who travel abroad? Don’t you wish to keep access to your good, old american services? You do not want to be in Canadian or Mexican hotel only to find out Hulu is no longer available to you after hard days work?

Yes, you do need VPN in USA 😉

Tuesday, 15 January 2013 at 14:49 in News, VPN