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uploadA lot of times we focus our HideIPVPN blog posts  on safety of your IP address and real identity with downloads in mind. We tell you how you can unlock US sites with VPN, how you can access UK streaming services from abroad. Today we would like to focus on slightly neglected subject – your uploads to Internet, and how can you make them (and yourself at the same time) safer with use of our servers. What you are uploading into the internet should be very important (in general for all of you) but with special attention for two groups of users. Those of you who use torrents & P2P on daily basis and those of you who live in (let’s call them) a bit less democratic parts of the world.

First torrents. We have three options regarding law here (but we will talk about two). Option 1 is when use of torrents – download & upload of copyrighted material is completely illegal. Users caught on such activity can pay high penalties and in the worst case be prosecuted. Please correct us if we are wrong but for what we know this is true for users form USA, UK and France. If you know any other countries with such strict policy, please share in comment section or on our Facebook / Google Plus Wall. If this is the case in your country and you use P2P networks, doing so without safety provided by torrent VPN server is very, very risky. Please, reconsider.

Second option we have, and it seems to be the mos popular one is that download of any material (most often software is an exception here) is allowed but sharing is not. Not many of you may realize that, but (unless you change default options in your software) every time you make a download form torrent network you also make an upload. This means that you can be pursued for this “crime against humanity” :-). Simply, you are handing over your IP to to organisations “fighting” internet piracy through their lawyers. We would also recommend for you to consider hiding your real IP behind VPN for torrents.What about the (above mentioned) rest of you. If you do live in country like Belarus, Ukraine, China, UAE, etc… every comment you make in in the internet is also an upload. If you are criticize reality you live in, your local politicians, when you make an anonymous comment under press article – time, date and your real IP are always logged. This means that your real identity can be known and verified within hours. If you want to avid such fate again, we would strongly advice to hide behind VPN server. In this case VPN is like Firewall for your identity. If you require more information about VPN in general or our service, please comment or contacts us on Facebook or G+.

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