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As you know for a while now we are offering all our customers option to connect to our VPN servers with SoftEther VPN protocol. This is sort of a “hot” subject in VPN world. More and more┬ápeople are aware of benefit that VPN has to offer concerning anonymity, privacy, data security as well as the fact that helps in bringing down artificial borders (geo-regional blockades) created by countries and corporations in the internet. We would like to make sure all our customers are aware of benefits of SoftEther VPN. Currently we are hard at work to bring SoftEther protocol to our free VPN software so that all of you can use it on daily basis. For now you have to create SoftEther VPN connections by hand, but with our easy to follow, step by step instructions you should have no problem in doing just so.

In regard of improved security provided by SoftEther protocol you will simply have to trust us. However you can show you how else you can benefit from using this protocol over others.

Few days ago we have shown you difference in efficiency between OpenVPN and SoftEther VPN. Today you can see comparison of PPTP and SoftEther protocols.

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