Spotify announces new, family plan!

spotify family

Great news!!! Not only you can now easily unblock access to Spotify, but it will cost you less (if your family uses Premium option). Coming months and next year are looking very exciting for fans of media streaming. So, what and how will change? 

Spotify like Netflix

Those of you who have unblocked Netflix with our SmartDNS service (btw: ain’t that the  best way to unlock Netflix?) do know that few months ago, Netflix had finally introduced “User profiles”. Until that happened things you, your kids, brother/sister and partner were watching were all mixed up together.  That mean quite a lot of mess on the account and quite often truly silly recommendations. This ware all movies we are talking about, and where it was hard to live like that where it comes to music and music playlists is simply impossible. One account can not be shared between users as short songs, you listen on your own are quite different from movies. This also meant increased cost of Premium accounts for family – two kids + parents that 4 premium accounts, $9.99 each.

Now things will get easier! This also means that if you got friends in any country where Spotify operates officially they will be able to share such account with you and you all will have your separate playlists, listening history, etc! If you are not that lucky, you can still use Smart DNS or best VPN (if you also want to change IP address) and unblock Free Spotify.

Here is how pricing will look like:

USA – standard Premium Spotify is $9.99. $14.99 will be required for two family members, $19.99 for three, $24.99 for four, and finally $29.99 for five. As you can see this means quite big savings.

UK will likely get exactly the same value prices but in British Pounds and rest of Europe, same thing in EURO.

Countries like Poland are expected to get following prices with family plan: two family members 30 zl, 40 zl for three, 50 zl for four, and finally 60 zl for five. If you got friends in Poland you can do double savings – first on getting a family plan instead of single account, secondly with Polish prices.

In any case Free service will not change and you will be able to liste to your playlist on mobile devices via VPN anywhere in the world.

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