VPN 50% OFF – Black Friday VPN Sale

Most of our posts are quite long. Mostly because we try to address them to both current and potential users and we hope that both parties will find something new and useful about VPN technology. This time however we will not be bothering you to much. Instead we’ll try to present our TODAY’S ONLY!!! sale of all our VPN packages. Only today you have a chance to buy VPN access with 50% discount. YES!!! You read it correctly – our VPN is now half-price.This means that fully professional VPN package that changes your IP to US or UK one is now available for as little as  $2.99!!! High quality, premium VPN for that sounds crazy. But if it does, what will you say to Super Premium VPN package with access to 25 VPN servers located in USA, UK, Germany and Holland for only $7.49???

Today, at HideIPVPN is truly a Black Friday VPN sale and rules of it are very simple:

Promo code: BlackFriday2012

All packages bought today are subject to 1 time discounted payment. This means that if you pay for 1 month, you 1 month of VPN will be half-price, if you pay for 1 year of Premium VPN, your whole year will be half-price.

The more you buy the more you save – it is as simple as that.

All VPN packages offered today are part of our normal VPN offer. They are completely unlimited, offer you choice of all VPN protocols, as well as access to proxy servers.

So… don’t waste any time. Want to be safe on the internet? Want to watch BBC Live, Netflix and Hulu? Do you want to be anonymous in the jungle of world wide web? Do you want to hide your IP behind super fast VPN servers? And do you want to save a lot of money? Press “Order” now and register for the best VPN service available!

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