Why should you use VPN at all times?

The simplest answer that comes to mind is safety. VPN is like seatbelts in your car, safety glasses you use during work or how you look both sides before crossing the street. HideIPVPN would like to grow a new habit in you. Start your VPN before you’ll do anything else. Before you check your mail, start up the browser or even make a coffee. This should become a habit for you, a rule, that connection to VPN server and hiding your IP always comes first.
Perhaps some of you do not know, but if you are using Windows you are actually in a very good position to get it done exactly this way. Simply download (or update!!!) our latest version of Windows VPN software and set it up. Choose programs you want to start AFTER VPN connection is setup or programs that should be closed when it is off (you can read some more about it here: www.hideipvpn.com/2012/09/hideipvpn-software-updated-ver-2-0-0-2-available/.

You may ask, why do we think using internet through VPN is such important? Well, simply because sometimes you may get to “unsafe” place without knowing about it. And this is the whole point. If you could foresee any danger (in real life as well) you would not need a thing called insurance. Let’s be honest. It is not like all those big corporations, hacker, thieves, scammers, etc. are waiting 24/7 for you to connect to the internet in order to attack. No. But it is also true that with complexity of software running servers, websites, databases they are only waiting for your slip. You’ll click the wrong thing, log in to bank from wrong hotspot, will put a comment somewhere that you should not… and you’re in trouble. VPN should be your additional safety for such moments…. it should be running not because of… but just in case. As is your antivirus. Unless you turn ON your antivirus software only from time to time? Are you?

Now, we may talk here about dangers as much as we like. But we know that there is nothing better that examples and advices given to users by users. This is why we ask you to tell us and others why VPN tunnels and protocols should be used a t all times. Why is it not smart to surf the net without additional security created by VPN solution. Perhaps some of you had already been in trouble because lack of VPN?

We want to know what you have to say!

In order to encourage you to comment and hear your thought on the matter we will give away few Free 1 Month Premium VPN accounts (of your choice) that will give you unlimited access to our VPN network.

So… go to our FB profile, tell us why VPN is important and share this news between others (remember, write your comment directly under this post).

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