HowTo: iPhone PPTP VPN Setup Tutorial

1. Go to the Settings

iOS Settings

2. Go to General >  VPN


iOS Settings VPN


3. Click on Add VPN Configuration

iOS Add VPN configuration


4. Select the PPTP VPN protocol at the top.

– For Description add any name you want ex: HideIPVPN US1

– In the Server field type the host name or IP address of a HideIPVPN server you want to connect.

– For Account enter your VPN username.

– For Password enter your VPN password.

– Encryption level let it “Auto”.

– Enable “Send All Traffic”


6. Click Save on the top right corner to save VPN configuration.



7. You can now connect to the VPN.


8. To Disconnect from VPN just disable VPN.


Friday, 18 September 2009 at 14:24 in Setup