How To Watch UEFA Champions League Live Streaming?

Last updated on July 17th, 2018 in News, SmartDNS, VPN

How to watch UEFA Champions league online?

Soon we will start a new football season and UEFA Champions League games. Here is our short guide to where and how you may watch UEFA Champions League live streaming online. Bear in mind that new deals for the broadcast right might be signed every day. If you notice that our list is not up to date, let us know and we will update the provided information. 

Why is it important to know your options?

In theory, this should be very easy. You open a website, click source and you watch the game on your favorite device. However things are usually more complicated and since we are talking about the internet, new technology creates new possibilities. So, here it is…

UEFA Champion League games are very popular all over the world. However, that does not mean that in all countries you will be able to access legal and safe online stream of the games. Our guide might help those of you who live in countries where such streams are not available. Additionally, if you paid for premium TV service with online access but travel abroad you might have a similar problem. Your foreign IP address will prevent you from accessing tv service you paid for.

And the third reason. Different regions, different tv stations and platforms always negotiate different prices. Not all the countries are equally rich after all. So, with the ability to watch UEFA Champions League online from different regions you might pay less for the same TV broadcast than you would in your own country.

How to watch UEFA Champions League online in different countries?

In most cases, TV and VOD platforms care about one thing only in order to allow you to access desired content – IP address for the country they have bought the broadcast rights for. That is why services like Netflix, Hulu, HBO do not look to carefully at things like that. As long as you pay and as long as officially content is blocked “for foreigners” – read they are legally covered –  they do not care. So to access such geographically restricted content all you need is a new IP address from the right country. This might be achieved in 2 ways.

Watch UEFA Champions League live streaming with VPN

VPN is the most popular method to hide real IP address and to surf under changed IP presented by VPN server. It is super easy to use VPN – no need for any technical knowledge as HideIPVPN provides free applications that will setup VPN on your Mac, PC, iPhone, Android smartphone or tablet. All you need is to log in, choose preferred VPN server and click – connect. VPN is also a way to improve your privacy and online safety as all data in the VPN tunnel have very strong encryption making your internet connection almost private.

Watch UEFA Champions League online with Smart DNS

This is the second technology you may use. If you wish to use a device like Smart TV or game console without support for VPN or if you prefer to unblock services in few different countries at the same time, use Smart DNS. Our DNS server will automatically switch your connection between different proxy servers. That will unblock access to content in different countries in a similar way to VPN.

Where to watch UEFA Champions League online?

Here is a list of services in countries where you may use our VPN network or Smart DNS service:


France: beIN Sports
Germany: ZDFSky Deutschland
Lithuania: Viasat
Luxembourg: ProximusRTLSky Deutschland
Netherlands: SBSZiggo Sport
Poland: Canal+, IPLA
United Kingdom: BT Sport

Outside Europe

Australia: beIN Sports
Canada: TSNRDSbeIN Sports
Singapore: Eurosport
United States: Fox SportsESPN

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