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Free VPN & SmartDNS giveaway #4

Update: This give-away is now over – make sure to visit our blog & Facebook Wall in few days for more free accounts!

Another weekend is almost here so lets not waste any more time. We are very happy to announce 4th edition of our Free VPN and Free proxy DNS giveaway. This is now especially important because of FIFA football World Cup in Brasil! If you want to watch all football matches online (unblock BBC & ITV) and will not be lucky enoguh to win FREE VPN, you can still get cheap VPN or SmartDNS in our WC2014 VPN saleContinue reading

Free VPN & SmartDNS giveaway #1

Some of you might remember, some of you might not. In the past HideIPVPN was trying to help those of you in need of good, free VPN. We understand that not all of you can afford a Premium service and we understand that some of you would wish to test the service before you decide if it is something you like and need.  Continue reading

Monday, 12 May 2014 at 14:45 in Contest by Admin

Free VPN & SmartDNS giveaway #4

Free VPN US UK NL SmartDNSWe have promised you not that long ago that we will do our best and try to offer your free VPN and free SmartDNS accounts more often. Since it is weekend (almost) and during weekend we usually have more time to watch movies, download stuff from the net and in general – more time to play with our gadgets, we thought it will be a good idea to give you a chance of winning free access to our network.  Continue reading

Friday, 22 November 2013 at 21:11 in Contest by Admin

Free VPN (SmartDNS) giveaway #3

Free VPN US UKLast week we have started (again) to give away Free VPN accounts. So far you were able to get Free NL VPN (for those of you who want to be safe, anonymous and also use P2P and Torrent networks via VPN) and US/UK VPN (for those of you who wanted to be safe, anonymous and needed access to US and UK geo-restricted sites). Today, we will give you chance of getting third of our Premium products – Smart DNSContinue reading

Free VPN giveaway #2

Free VPN US UKWe hope you did not had to wait very long for new give away of free VPN accounts. Everyone like free stuff (we do to!) so we understand how eager you are to put your hands on our best VPN. On Wednesday you had a chance of getting Free NL VPN that allows for anonymous surfing of the internet, unrestricted use on mobile devices and truly private use of all torrent and P2P networks. Today we give you a chance for a different package – Free US/UK VPN!  Continue reading

Free VPN giveaway #1

Hello, hello and welcome to our new type of giveaway. Today you a chance to get 100% Free VPN access. We hope to hold such new types of VPN give away quite frequently. If you want to take part all you need to do is keep a close eye on our blog, Facebook profile and Google Plus profile. Every single time give away of free vpn will be combined with very simple and hopefully fun task for you. Also, who will be awarded Free VPN will be fully to our discretion and our decisions will be final. Also, we will always update information once give away is over.  Continue reading