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Piracy in UK – things are getting worse!

Piracy is a crime - get VPN

Do you remember our latest post about change of policy towards Internet piracy in United Kingdom? If not do not read the whole story (as it looks like it was not true) but what we told you at the end. In our opinion, whatever news was true or not VPN today is still something you must use!  Continue reading

UK has decriminalised internet piracy!

This news today came as a very big surprise. In today’s world, where money are the most important thing for all companies and corporations, for shareholders and especially for entertainment industry it is unthinkable that someone might propose, that Internet users downloading and sharing copyrighted content will not be pursued. But it looks like (at least in UK) it is happening. Continue reading

Free VPN & SmartDNS giveaway #5

Update: This give-away is now over – make sure to visit our blog & Facebook Wall in few days for more free accounts!

It has been a while since we last gave you a chance to win either Free VPN or Free SmartDNS access through our network. As you know, not that long ago, we have updated our SmartDNS service with access to Polish VOD sites. Right now, it is very easy to watch HBO Go,, kinoplex and more such services. If you are a Polish living abroad or going for holidays now you’ll have a great chance to win free account!  Continue reading

Unblock HBO Go Polska anywhere!

Watch HBO Go PL

HBO is one of the best known TV channels around the world. It should be no surprise to anyone as it is oldest and longest continuously operating pay television service in USA. It is in operation since November 8, 1972 and currently it is subsidiary of Time Warner corporation. For quite some time you can get access to HBO streaming service via our US VPN and SmartDNS. But as Netflix, HBO has branches around the world and so does its streaming service HBO Go.  Continue reading

Independence Day promotion!

4th of July VPN sale
HideIPVPN would like to congratulate all Americans on this special day for all US citizens. Independence Day is a very important holiday for Americans, a truly happy one, where freedom is celebrated. At the same time it is worth to rememberer that not all people in their countries and not all countries can enjoy similar day.  Continue reading

How to watch from outside Poland

How to watch TV Player abroad?

As you know, two day ago we have updated our SmartDNS. Right now, this great streaming tool allows you to unblock access to sites in three different countries – USA, UK and Poland. We understand that different users use different streaming services. With that in mind we will start today series of posts that will try to explain how to access specific services via proxy DNS, what is DNS and how to use it. Continue reading

SmartDNS got bigger – watch Polish VOD anywhere!

Watch Polish TV & VOD abroadHideIPVPN is very proud to announce, that our great proxy DNS service – SmartDNS got (again) a lot better. Smart DNS, that allows international access to blocked services like Netflix, Hulu and Crackle in USA or BBC, ITV, SKY Go in UK now will allow all its users to access VOD sites in Poland.  Continue reading

All your thoughts about VPN, IT, privacy and more…

VPN blog

Since we have so many visitors to our site, blog and our social we thought you might want to interested in small experiment. As you know most of our posts on blog are related to unblocking regions, VPN, proxy servers, change of IP address, privacy, etc. However range of related topics can be and actually is much, much bigger than that. With that in mind we would like to invite you to write for us and for the rest of our readers.  Continue reading

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