Free VPN (SmartDNS) giveaway #3

Free VPN US UKLast week we have started (again) to give away Free VPN accounts. So far you were able to get Free NL VPN (for those of you who want to be safe, anonymous and also use P2P and Torrent networks via VPN) and US/UK VPN (for those of you who wanted to be safe, anonymous and needed access to US and UK geo-restricted sites). Today, we will give you chance of getting third of our Premium products – Smart DNSContinue reading

Free VPN giveaway #2

Free VPN US UKWe hope you did not had to wait very long for new give away of free VPN accounts. Everyone like free stuff (we do to!) so we understand how eager you are to put your hands on our best VPN. On Wednesday you had a chance of getting Free NL VPN that allows for anonymous surfing of the internet, unrestricted use on mobile devices and truly private use of all torrent and P2P networks. Today we give you a chance for a different package – Free US/UK VPN!  Continue reading

Win Free VPN or Premium SmartDNS!

Win Free VPN

We have been asked a lot in recent weeks about our great Free VPN offers. And indeed, so much have happened recently at HideIPVPN, that we have neglected a bit contest with VPN as a prize. As you know, our latest development involved lunching new service for unlocking sites and streaming services – SmartDNS . We have also brought new VPN software for Mac platform and managed to update our Windows VPN software with Smart DNS feature. Now we think is time to give chance to those of you who are looking for good, free VPN service. So, lets get to details of the new contest. Continue reading

Win 1 month of Free VPN!

Unblock VEVO Today while talking about our (still) new SmartDNS service we will give you chance of winning Free VPN. If this sounds interesting you should read more, unless free month of NL VPN or US/UK VPN is not really desirable ;-).  Continue reading

“Social” discount for our Premium VPN and SmartDNS users


Join HideIP VPNToday’s post is directed at our Premium VPN & Premium SmartDNS users. We hope that those of you that will not be able to take advantage of this offer will forgive us. We promise we will come up with something for all of you soon.

As you know HideIPVPN Team tries to be active at both our social profiles, Facebook and Google Plus. We do that because of few important reasons. We want to and need to be close to you. After all this service is for you and we need to know if what we do is something that you like and accept. Social networks are the best to quickly share news (sometimes even our servers can go down 🙁 ), organize contests and advertise through you. We are an honest, commercial service this is why we always treat you as partners. Exactly as we would wish to be treated by other companies.

Today we will try to reach to those of you who are not yet signed up to one of our main sites – Facebook or G+. We hope our offer and task ahead of you will be fun.

If you are Premium VPN or Premium SmartDNS user but you did not “Like” us on one of above mentioned profiles now you have a chance to get 10% OFF your next payment. Sounds interesting?

VPN & SmartDNS contest details:

  1. Become a fan of HideIPVPN at Facebook.
  2. Make a comment on your Wall describing your experience with our service, how you use it, etc. Even one sentence will do, BUT 🙂 you have to use 3 #tags (keywords): #HideIPVPN; #VPN & #SmartDNS.
  3. Once it is done (visible), please contact us via “Message” with your e-mail address (the one you have used for registration) and we will arrange dicount on your account.

If you have any questions, please use comment section to ask. (because we do not get notifications if you place you comment here, please contact us of Facebook or Google+ directly).This post will not be shared at Facebook or Google + as it is directed at those of you who are not there (yet!). We hope that once signed up to one of our profiles you will stay with us to get latest news about VPN and Smart DNS service.

And don’t forget to tell your friends. Our special deal for SmartDNS service is still available.


Since we do not get any notifications about comment like above you put on Google Plus, this social discount is (unfortunately) limited to Facebook only. We are truly sorry for that, but simply, when you post at G+ we got no knowledge about it :-(.

Free SmartDNS – first contest ever!!!

Free SmartDNSHave you heard about our upcoming Smart DNS service? We are certain you have, but just in case if you have not you can read the post linked above. Now that you know about SmartDNS you probably know how it works and what are the differences between SmartDNS vs. VPN. Again, if you are not certain, follow presented link. Now, that you all know what SmartDNS is and what it does it is time for contest. Prize? 3 month of Premium SmartDNS for free!!! Continue reading

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More Free VPN – more contests

HideIPVPNWe know how you all like our small “games” at Facebook where you can win Free VPN access. With that in mind we have been working hard so that we could do this more frequently. We have now new system that will allow us to create Free VPN accounts quicker. That means you can expect more of them to come to you through our social profiles and blog.    Continue reading

Your VPN story – contest for all!

facebook storyNot that long ago we have posted a story, by one of our users (VPN in real life) about how he learned “hard way”, that when you see something for Free – you should be extra careful. This is true about free proxy access, anonymous free VPN services, free Wi-Fi access, etc. If you do not know who provides service, if someone requires you to download software in order to use service for free – be extremely suspiciousContinue reading

Be active, be rewarded!

Hello to all HideIPVPN members around the world. We would like to share with you our latest idea which involves words like VPN; FREE; EVERYONE. Some of you may have noticed recently, that when we have shared our post about VPN protocols or the one about Paralympic Games we asked for your comments on the subject. We have also promised that one of you, with most interesting opinion on the matter will be rewarded in a special way. Today we will explain how we do want to make it work for the future, why and what you will have to do to get a Free Premium VPN account for a month. Continue reading