Find the best features to improve your online privacy with our VPN service
or to break restriction and have fun with our Smart DNS service.

VPN Services

Your online privacy

Hide your real IP behind powerful and secure VPN servers. Browse Internet, use all online services without disclosing your true location. Use VPN like an invisible cloak.

Your online Security

Use VPN service to encrypt internet connection & all your data. Use advanced packet encryption to protect your personal data from authorities, criminals, and any ISP. Stay secured on public Wi-Fi.

Break Restrictions

VPN service helps you hide your identity. Don’t worry about censorship, bypass network restrictions at school, university, or work. Don’t share your browsing history with your ISP.

Smart DNS

Fast and easy

Stream your favourite shows on any device. Enjoy full bandwidth of your Internet connection. One simple setup with service constantly working in the background for all your devices.

Simple as 1,2,3

One click to setup & active. You can use it almost with any device including Wi-Fi routers, PC, Mac, Android, iOS, Smart TV and game consoles.

Fun without limits!

With Smart DNS you can watch unlimited streams, from unlimited services on unlimited number of devices. One service for whole family and all your stuff – everywhere!

Why HideIPVPN ?

  • 24/7 customer support

    We are working every day to provide you you the best quality service. So our support team is here 24/7 to help , whenever you need;

  • We don’t keep any logs

    We keep no logs related to any IP address. There is no way for any third-party to match user IP to any specific activity in the internet.

  • Money back guarantee

    30 days full money back guarantee. If you can’t connect to our VPN servers you can ask for a refund within 30 days.

  • Free Trial services

    We are providing 24-hours Free VPN trial and 7-days Free Smart DNS trial packages. So you can try it and be sure that it's awesome .

  • Smart DNS and proxy for free

    With our premium VPN packages you'll get access to Smart DNS service and proxy for free!

  • High speed and unlimited bandwidth

    No traffic limits. All our servers are always up to date and with bandwidth up to 1Gbs.

Free VPN & Smart DNS software & apps

Get one our free and easy to use VPN & Smart DNS Software.

Intuitive design
Applications killer
DNS leak protection
Sort servers by speed
Friendly notification and update system!
Available on Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android

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Speed and security

With our premium VPN service you will get the best connection with unlimited traffic on servers with bandwidth up to 1Gbps.

Sort servers by speed
Best protocols to connect
Anonymous IP addresses
Highest security level and best encryption!
No Logs!

Privacy First

Your security and privacy are the most important things while surfing the web!
Start your free trial now and break restrictions!
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VPN Trial

24 hours
Hide your IP.
Encrypt your traffic.
Enjoy your privacy.
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Smart DNS Trial

7 days
196 Unblocked websites.
Unlimited devices.
Original ISP speed.
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