HBO Now is coming soon…


hbo now vpnNetflix, Crackle, Hulu and HBO… Well known names to any VOD & TV fan in the world. Different countries, different languages but the same desire everywhere. To watch new series, new movies. In good quality. Anywhere, anytime for a reasonable price. One of the hottest names in the industry is HBO and announced changes to its VOD service. Now we know a bit more… Continue reading

Watch with HideIPVN and Smart DNS

In the recent days and post we have informed you about new VOD services that we have added to our US unblock, UK unblock and unblock Poland service that we simply call – Smart DNS. Today another post on similar subject but still…. a little bit different. Continue reading

Get 100GB on your OneDrive for free with VPN

Get 100GB OneDrive with HideIPVPN

Good news everyone. Probably a lot of you uses OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox and other cloud services. Today we have a simple trick with VPN and changing IP address, that will get you additional 100GB on your OneDrive. Continue reading

Wednesday, 11 February 2015 at 18:02 in News

ipla unblocked with HideIPVPN SmartDNS

IPLA unblocked

We are actually very, very nervous writing about this. We have been asked about ipla many, many time by a lot of Polish users from Poland and abroad. We hope that you can forgive us, that our initial plans took longer (a lot longer) than expected. Sometimes life verifies initial plans. Continue reading