UK anti piracy system – be aware and hide IP!

UK anti piracy system - be aware and hide IP!Those of you living in UK might be interested and should be aware of the new anti piracy system introduced in UK. We are forwarding news about signaled by TorrentFreak – Thanks Guys! At the same time we would like to make it clear, that some graphics used in this article about anti piracy system in UK belong to TF. We think it is important for you to know everything that is involved with sharing of copyrighted content.  Continue reading

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St. Valentines VPN sale – up to 60% off

St. Valentines VPN sale - up to 60% off02-18-2017 Update! This promotion has ended! 

If you love someone – make them safe. And part of online safety is proper privacy, anonymity and awareness of dangers. It does not matter if you use torrents, want to login to your bank or send some pictures to your friends over public Wi-Fi. Someone can be looking at your data, collecting information about you at any time. To prevent others from knowing your online activity use VPN. And now you can not only get a cheap VPN service for yourself but also gift a package to people you care about!

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Christmas & New Year VPN Sale!

01-03-2017 Update! This promotion has ended!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone! 2016 was hard year from many points of view. So we thought we will start early with our Christmas & New Year VPN Sale. This way, all of you interested in privacy online, anonymity, etc. will get a chance to use great VPN service during their winter brake.  Continue reading

Polish Nowa TV unblocked with Smart DNS

nowa tv unblockedToday we have some short but good news for those of you who know Polish. Those news also show how closely we listen to what you say. All thanks to your requests and advice. We are proud to announce that Polish TV channel Nowa TV joins our Smart DNS service. Today it is official – Nowa TV unblocked with Smart DNS. There is also a bit of confusion among you regarding VPN & Smart DNS. In the second part of this post we will try to explain Smart DNS a bit. But first, few words about Nowa TV. Continue reading

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Thanksgiving, Black Friday & Cyber Monday VPN sale!

200_2002016-12-01 Update! This promotion has ended!

2016-11-29 Update! Promo will end on 11/30!

Thanksgiving, Black Friday & Cyber Monday. WOW! This just begs for an awesome VPN SALE! We try to never disappoint in this regard so here it is. We official start our autumn VPN sale today!  Continue reading

VPN service versus total anonymity & TOR

VPN service versus total anonymity & TORSome of you may have wonder about different aspects of VPN service and VPN use. Does VPN grants total anonymity? Or perhaps for my own protection I should be against VPN? If you indeed thought about such things, please read our opinion on the matter.  Continue reading

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Stream Grand Tour – only 4 days to go!

stream grand tourLet’s face it. Last season of Top Gear at BBC was a true disappointment. We do say this with heavy heart, really. We did not have enough of strong will to go through all Top Gear episodes. But there are good news. Only 4 days left and and great anticipation will be over. On Friday, 11.18 we will be able to stream Grand Tour. New show made by Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, James May and quite few more members of Top Gear Team. The fact, that release day is so close raises quite few questions. Let us share ours with you. And of course we would love to hear what are your thoughts on the subject. Continue reading

Best use of VPN in 5 points

Best use of VPN in 5 pointsWe thought it might be smart to help you see how you can best use VPN. We have noticed similar posts online and since we want you to have the best service and knowledge about our product – well, here we go. Best use of VPN service in 5 short points. Continue reading

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Unblock YouTube, Facebook and Twitter in Turkey

Unblock YouTube, Facebook and Twitter in Turkey.We hate publishing bad news for users about civil rights and censorship. Greed of corporations is one thing – nothing to be happy about, but a lot easier to swallow. Government, limiting what citizens can access in the Internet is something completely different. But with recent developments in Turkey we have no choice. Here is how you can say NO to censorship and unblock YouTube, Facebook and other social media in Turkey with VPN service.  Continue reading

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Watch Vimeo on Demand securely

Watch Vimeo on Demand securely and...You might be interested in new VOD service lunched by Vimeo. New place to watch films and TV shows is called Vimeo on demand. Beside some news about the service, we will let you know how you can use this service securely and may additionally benefit from our VPN service.  Continue reading

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