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Can Hotels See What Websites I Visit?

Can hotels see what websites I visit ? Nowadays, each hotel you stay at must provide WiFi connectivity. We’ve reached a stage where we expect to be able to access the internet no matter where we are on the globe, […]

Can you be tracked with a VPN?

VPNs are a great tool to safeguard your data and privacy online. That’s arguably the second most common reason individuals use VPNs in the first place, after unblocking geo-restricted content. Your web activity and IP address can no longer be […]

How to Watch ITV in USA

Have you been looking for a way to watch the fantastic shows on ITV in America? Have patience, because we have all of your needs covered with this article. In just three easy steps (or less!), anyone can enjoy watching […]

Can the WiFi Owner See What I’m Browsing?

WiFi is a great way to stay connected, but you might be wondering can the WiFi owner see what sites I’m browsing? The answer? Yes! They may not like it either in many countries we’ve seen WiFi Sense use tracking […]

What is IP Grabbing?

You communicate with the Internet using your IP address. That would be impossible if it wasn’t for it. Because IP Grabbing is so crucial, you have to consider if it is lawful. Is tracking an IP address against the law? […]

Do I Need a VPN on My iPhone? 8 Reasons Say You Do

iPhones are great for browsing the web, but if you want to take your online security and privacy seriously (or just don’t feel like grasping on every site) then there’s no better way than getting yourself a VPN. What is […]

Is Incognito Mode Safe ?

When people think of incognito mode, they immediately think of being able to surf the web anonymously. Is this, however, the case? Is incognito safe, and can it provide you with complete privacy? In this short article, we’ll go over […]

What is VoIP VPN and Why You need it?

The number of people using VoIP services has grown to almost two billion – and this data is from 2021, so it’s likely that figure only went up since then. And if you’re one such person who relies on these […]

Easter VPN promotion sale

28-04-2022 UPDATE! This promotion has ended Happy Easter and enjoy Easter VPN and Smart DNS promotion everyone! We could not wait to start a new VPN promotion. We know you like them and we also like when we can do […]

What Is ISP Tracking?

Many internet service providers do ISP tracking by collecting data on their customers’ online activity. This is done for a variety of reasons, including providing targeted advertising and improving network performance. While some people believe that ISP tracking is a […]

How to Unblock Online Games at School

While today’s topic is how to unblock online gaming at school it’s important to understand that in some countries, the internet is blocked for political or cultural reasons. These regimes seek to maintain control over citizens’ online activity and have […]

How To Unblock Websites – 10 methods

Websites are an important part of the modern world, but they can be difficult to access when you live in a country with internet censorship. Luckily we’ll show how easy it is to unblock websites using VPNs (virtual private networks) […]

ISPs Blocking Websites? This Is What You Can Do

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you needed to access a specific website? You enter its address and press the search button, but your browser does nothing? Isn’t it unpleasant? One of the reasons you cannot access […]

How to Watch ABC in UK ( 2 methods )

There is nothing worse than being unable to enjoy the content you love because it’s not available where you are. But don’t worry; we’ve got your back! Here’s how to watch ABC in UK without having any stress and pesky […]

10 najważniejszych zagrożeń bezpieczeństwa VPN


Top 10 VPN Security Risks

VPNs are an excellent way to protect your Internet traffic and privacy from government surveillance, ISP snooping, or nosy hackers. The only problem? You may be exposing yourself to too much vulnerability with the VPN if you don’t take precautions […]

VPN vs Firewall vs Antivirus

Many people like to argue about “VPN vs. firewall” or “VPN vs. antivirus,” attempting to promote one solution over the other. However, VPNs, firewalls, and antivirus software work best when used in tandem, not separately. To help you understand why, […]

What is WebRTC Leak and How To Prevent It?

The WebRTC leak problem is a major concern for people who use VPNs and confidentiality online. We’re going to discuss what it means, how you can detect one if they happen on your end or in another person’s browser window […]

How to watch Hulu in Europe

Want to know how to watch Hulu in Europe? We’ve got the answer. Content inequality is present with almost every single service across all borders and boundaries, including even ones that claim they’re “European” like DAZN limiting access for their […]
Valentine day promo

Valentine’s Day HideIPVPN VPN SALE 2021

Important:22/02/2022 Update! This promotion has ended! This year’s Valentine’s Day at HideIPVPN will be like something you have never seen before. We can not remember the last time our sale was so BIG! Simply, you can not get a better […]

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