Win Free VPN or Premium SmartDNS!

Win Free VPN

We have been asked a lot in recent weeks about our great Free VPN offers. And indeed, so much have happened recently at HideIPVPN, that we have neglected a bit contest with VPN as a prize. As you know, our latest development involved lunching new service for unlocking sites and streaming services – SmartDNS . We have also brought new VPN software for Mac platform and managed to update our Windows VPN software with Smart DNS feature. Now we think is time to give chance to those of you who are looking for good, free VPN service. So, lets get to details of the new contest. Continue reading

Safe haven for torrents downloaders

uTorrentIn many countries usage of torrent and P2P networks and downloads of files from such sources can be very risky. USA, UK, France and others have quite strict policies in this regard. One does not have to look far. Even latest initiative in US that we have wrote about on our blog is very questionable. Luckily you have HideIPVPN! And yes, we can help you with that. Continue reading

Use VPN in hotels

hideip banner hotel

There are very good chances that you might travel very soon. We wish you with all our hearts that it is a nice holiday trip not a business one, but regardless of it’s purpose VPN access is worth having. Today we will try to present some arguments – why.   Continue reading

More Free VPN – more contests

HideIPVPNWe know how you all like our small “games” at Facebook where you can win Free VPN access. With that in mind we have been working hard so that we could do this more frequently. We have now new system that will allow us to create Free VPN accounts quicker. That means you can expect more of them to come to you through our social profiles and blog.    Continue reading

Your VPN story – contest for all!

facebook storyNot that long ago we have posted a story, by one of our users (VPN in real life) about how he learned “hard way”, that when you see something for Free – you should be extra careful. This is true about free proxy access, anonymous free VPN services, free Wi-Fi access, etc. If you do not know who provides service, if someone requires you to download software in order to use service for free – be extremely suspiciousContinue reading

Windows 8 and its small issue with VPN (FIXED!)

Windows 8Many of you have already migrated to Microsoft new system. There are lots and lots of opinions about it in the Internet and we, HideIPVPN Team do not need to tell you what to do. A lot of our users are already on Windows 8 as till 31 of January you can buy new system (or upgrade your existing one) in a very reasonable price.  Continue reading

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Update! This promotion has ended.

Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas to everyone! Time of joy, surprise gifts, love and happiness is here. We would like to thank you for a wonderful year and share, what you can expect form us in coming days. There will be plenty of opportunities to ether get a a nice discount for VPN or maybe even get a Free VPN!   Continue reading

Why should you use VPN at all times?

The simplest answer that comes to mind is safety. VPN is like seatbelts in your car, safety glasses you use during work or how you look both sides before crossing the street. HideIPVPN would like to grow a new habit in you. Start your VPN before you’ll do anything else. Before you check your mail, start up the browser or even make a coffee. This should become a habit for you, a rule, that connection to VPN server and hiding your IP always comes first. Continue reading

Be active, be rewarded!

Hello to all HideIPVPN members around the world. We would like to share with you our latest idea which involves words like VPN; FREE; EVERYONE. Some of you may have noticed recently, that when we have shared our post about VPN protocols or the one about Paralympic Games we asked for your comments on the subject. We have also promised that one of you, with most interesting opinion on the matter will be rewarded in a special way. Today we will explain how we do want to make it work for the future, why and what you will have to do to get a Free Premium VPN account for a month. Continue reading

Your Free VPN account is just an e-mail away….

You may remember that few days ago, on our Facebook Wall we have asked you, what you think about contest with “VPN prizes”. As we have got some positive answers from you we are ready to present you with some details. First, the most important thing – PRIZES! We hope we will not disappoint you here when we will confirm what you already suspected, Free NL VPN and Free US/UK VPN accounts will be the ones to win. Continue reading

F1 is back with BBC!!!

As you all know this year brought us some very unfortunate changes. Due to change in broadcasts agreements between F1, BBC and Sky. This means that some of the 2012 GP’s will only (in UK) be available for subscribers of Sky Sports. Now, time for good news! Continue reading

Another way you can get free account with HideIPVPN

You ask us a lot for free accounts. Although we are unable to supply you with unlimited number of such accounts, we do our best to give away as many as we can, as often as we can.
As you know our service is a commercial one and as such we have to pay for the servers, equipment, staff, traffic, etc.
At the same time we want HideIPVPN to grow and expand but only under condition, that we will be able to upkeep current, top quality of the service. Continue reading

We say “Thank You” to our Premium VPN members.

As you may have noticed on our Facebook  wall (please join as some news and information are published there directly) we have been “teasing” you recently with some news about our latest idea. As you know most of the providers of different kinds (internet, mobile, etc.) most of the time care more about new customers than about the ones they already have. We want to do “something” to change that a bit. Continue reading