Free VPN & SmartDNS giveaway #5

Update: This give-away is now over – make sure to visit our blog & Facebook Wall in few days for more free accounts!

It has been a while since we last gave you a chance to win either Free VPN or Free SmartDNS access through our network. As you know, not that long ago, we have updated our SmartDNS service with access to Polish VOD sites. Right now, it is very easy to watch HBO Go,, kinoplex and more such services. If you are a Polish living abroad or going for holidays now you’ll have a great chance to win free account! 

Before we start, few important details…

Free SmartDNS = watch Polish TV online

If you want to watch Polish TV sites you have to do it via our SmartDNS proxy service. We have decided that since proxy DNS is much better for video streaming, there is no point in setting up Polish VPN server. With few simple changes to DNS settings on your device or home router you will be able to unblock almost all US, UK and Polish TV sites for as little as $3.24/month! If you are looking for one (set up & forget) system that will allow to unblock Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Crackle, HBO Go,, and that soon will allow to watch Polish TV live – SmartDNS is the best choice you can make!

Free VPN = hide IP, be anonymous online

If you re not big TV fan but you are concerned with you privacy or anonymity or you have read our post about Netflix Killer – get Free VPN. Our VPN will hide your IP address, will encrypt all your internet traffic (data) and will allow for anonymous torrent use (Free Torrent VPN!).

Remember, that with both free VPN and free Smart DNS proxy service you can use our free application for Windows and OSX!

Now, if you want one of such accounts –  read instructions below and act accordingly. 10 free accounts is waiting for you!

Ogladaj Polska TV online

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