How to choose good VPN?

Last updated on November 10th, 2020 in VPN

good vpnToday we publish 1st part of our simple tutorial – how to choose a good VPN? Tutorial is for those of you who do not have or use VPN yet. Perhaps your friend told you something about VPN technology or you have been stopped by “regional blockade” in the Internet or maybe you just thought that it might be a good idea to take care about your anonymity online? Whatever the reason for this was, you are at the point of finding and choosing good VPN. Perhaps we can help?

Qualities of good VPN are…

Before we actually start to name qualities that we think good VPN has to have let us start by saying, that they are all equally important. This means that you should not compromise when making your decision. In case of VPN or rather good VPN we can not say that one thing is a bit less important than other. Still the first question you should ask yourself is – what do you want form VPN, what are your expectations, why do you want to use it, where and for how long?

We will get back to this question later on. Now about qualities we have already mentioned.

Good VPN = fast VPN

  • Speed or bandwidth – the faster VPN server is offered by VPN provider the better. Of course you have to bear in mind that actual efficiency of you connection to VPN server is determined by more things than just VPN capabilities (physical location of you and VPN server as well as network quality of your ISP are also [amongst others] important). However it does make sense to use a VPN service that offers all VPN servers in the same standard. In our case, all our servers offers up to 1 Gbps per user. Do not get caught up by the idea of hundreds of VPN servers in exotic locations offered by some services. Most of the time because they are in those exotic locations their efficiency is rather questionable. If you want to use Internet in comfort and think of your VPN as good VPN choose service with fast VPN servers.

Good VPN = stable VPN

  • Next thing, equally important as connection bandwidth is stability of the connection itself. Good VPN works in the background and should be invisible to user. You know it is there and it does hide your IP but it dose not affect what you do in any way. After all what good is super fast VPN that disconnects every few minutes? If you want to watch a movie, download a large file or simply be invisible online with virtual IP address it is impossible to do with unstable VPN connection.

Good VPN = free trial offer!

We think that it will be enough of boring information in the first part. Second part is coming soon, don’t worry! However remember, that good VPN will allow to test itself before you make a decision (same as good Smart DNS service!). So, test our VPN while you wait for second part of our tutorial.

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