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black friday tipsBlack Friday is the day following Thanksgiving Day in America and coincides with one of the biggest shopping days for retailers. Stores offer deeply discounted prices on a wide range of goods as an incentive for customers to shop early in the holiday shopping season. It’s very popular among American consumers, as many people can go from store to store and take advantage of different sales throughout the day. Black Friday is named after stores’ profitability: it is said that they turn “black” (i.e., profitable) by the end of the day. This is why it’s great to have some black friday tips since online shopping has also become common due to its convenience and availability: almost 70% of online shopping takes place on Black Friday despite discounts only being offered in brick and mortar. For reference, Thanksgiving is considered to be the fourth largest shopping day of the year in America.

Black Friday sales are when retailers offer prices that are lower than the usual sale price on selected items for a short time. We can say that Black Friday sales are pretty much one of a kind sales events which only happen once a year. If you’re interested in making any large purchase, Black Friday is when it’s best to make them – especially if you would be looking for discounts! There are also less crowded stores and malls compared to other days, so it’s generally more comfortable to shop with great deals out there! Most black friday sales offers last up until Cyber Monday so if you have the proper black Friday tips you can get on a pretty sweet deal. 

When is Black Friday 2021?

The name is a contraction of “Black Friday” and “Friday”, which refers to it usually falling on either November 23 (the fourth Thursday) or November 28 (the following Friday), as well as the idea that many retailers would be open until late night hours for this promotion. Black Friday is not a federal holiday either but it marks one of the biggest shopping days in America and perhaps even worldwide since it can attract millions of shoppers from all over. While Black Friday also falls on Thanksgiving Sunday and often coincides with Cyber Monday, many retailers choose to designate a certain special storewide before these dates, while some used the latter only to extend Black Friday sales with online deals. 

In the year 2017, Black Friday occurred on November 24 as per most retailers with some extending it to November 25 or 26. In 2018, many retailers used Thanksgiving Day or even the week before Thanksgiving to extend their sales including Amazon and Walmart with Cyber Monday deals. Black Friday 2021 has yet to be announced but most sources suggest it will happen on Friday November 23rd which is equivalent to 11/23/2021 in the Julian calendar. Regardless of what type of deal you’re looking forward to this holiday, HideIPVPN has launched it’s deals early so you can benefit from black Friday vpn deals early on. 

Where can you find the best Black Friday deals?

Now that you know more about the holiday it’s time to get the real black friday tips and get used to the fact that black friday shopping online is the new trend, especially considering today’s reality and pandemic. We’re bringing you all of our favorite Black Friday sales as soon they hit shelves, and we will continue updating throughout its duration so that there are no surprises on Turkey Day or Cyber Monday either – just more amazing savings for your shopping pleasure (and budget)!

Check out retailers who usually have some great discounts during these events:

  • Amazon: an all-rounder that regularly price matches competitors
  • Argos: better for cheaper devices with same day delivery
  • Currys: great for tech, appliances, and gaming
  • Ebuyer: low cost gadgets and PC equipment
  • John Lewis: best for homeware, but also offers excellent tech warranties
  • Laptops Direct: big discounts on PCs, laptops, and accessories
  • Smyths Toys: vast selection of toys, electronics and gadgets
  • Very: massive range and regular discounts across departments

How to Shop Safely Online on Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

First, you need to understand that having good black Friday tips is great to choose the items but they don’t necessarily include only good shop names. It’s important to realize that purchasing items over the internet is never safe if it’s done unprepared. Below we will provide some guidelines on how to shop properly on black Friday deals:

Use a VPN

A VPN, or virtual private network will not only protect you from snooping and interference but also potentially save money while doing online shopping.

A lot of people don’t realize that prices vary depending on your location – even when it’s just browsing different sites like Amazon. A good way to get around this issue is by using a VPN (virtual private networking) service for accessing websites blocked in certain countries such as China which might have higher costs due to their censorship policies against anti-virus software etc.. With one simple adjustment during checkout time; all purchases made with any major credit card through HTTPS secure connections can be shipped worldwide without tax. 

Take advantage of the HideIPVPN Black Friday deal: Three months free when you purchase a 24-month plan! And you don’t have to wait until Black Friday—it’s available right now. That’s a total of 15 months worth of HideIPVPN!

*to get the additional 3 months open a support ticket and mention the article title.

Use trusted online shops

Shopping with a new company? While it’s always safest to stick with tried and true retailers, if you’re looking at unfamiliar websites make sure that they have good reviews through consumer review websites like Trustpilot and Yelp. Adding Google reviews into the mix doesn’t hurt either! Check their social media presence too – make sure there aren’t any suspicious accounts or posts (to give you some idea about whether those bought followers). And don’t forget about checking out what kind of comments these people left behind; something as simple as asking questions can really help narrow down your choices when deciding who has better deals than others. 

Check website’s security

Black Friday shopping online can rapidly turn into a nightmare if it’s done wrong since we live now in a cyber handled world full of great advantages but also dangers. 

There are two ways you can check if your website’s address starts with “HTTPS.” The first one is by looking at the URL itself and seeing if it says ” HTTPS” rather than just HTTP.” This means that all of the data being sent from our browsers to this particular site gets encrypted using SSL certificates, also called https:// or secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (SHS).

The way we know this for certain? When checking an internet browser’s bar located next, understand what it looks like as soon as clicking on them the padlock will appear depending on your browser, of course.

You probably have an antivirus installed on your computer, right? Most digital security companies develop systems that show the user when a website is secure.

In some cases, those tools prevent navigation from continuing when there’s no security certificate at the address or if it has already expired. Other companies allow users to evaluate sites and decide whether they want to continue browsing with protection enabled – usually these plugins come standard as part of most anti-virus programs like browsers do nowadays. 

Avoid shopping over public Wi-Fi

There’s a reason why they call it “public Wi-Fi.” Avoid accessing your network via these unsecure networks and you could be vulnerable to hackers intercepting data, not just from a physical perspective but also since digital devices are so easy for anyone with an Internet connection (including hotel employees) to access without question or concern. But if you must use the public wifi make sure to do it along with a VPN with strong vpn encryption. It will protect you from prying eyes and make your online experience safer. 

Protect yourself from scams

Many frauds start with phishing emails. Remember that banks and financial institutions will not send you an email asking to click on the link in order to confirm your account details, so do not trust such messages even if they appear genuine. Instead of clicking on these fake links or downloading any attachment from them – just call up customer service via a phone number found directly within the website address bar when it is easily accessible as well through directory listings for local numbers near where one lives instead. 

A good rule of thumb is to always question offers that seem too good to be true. If you get an unexpected phone call or email with promises about taking an over-the-top deal, know the risks involved before taking them up on their offer!

Bottom line

There you have it, now you’re one step ahead on making the right choice on today’s Black Friday market due to your black Friday tips. Remember that security online is everything, this is why using a VPN is a must.

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