HBO Now is coming soon…


hbo now vpnNetflix, Crackle, Hulu and HBO… Well known names to any VOD & TV fan in the world. Different countries, different languages but the same desire everywhere. To watch new series, new movies. In good quality. Anywhere, anytime for a reasonable price. One of the hottest names in the industry is HBO and announced changes to its VOD service. Now we know a bit more… Continue reading

Up to 50% + 14% OFF VPN & SmartDNS on St. Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day VPN & SmartDNS slae14th of February is almost here. Everything will get pink and sweet and will be fulfilled with love, flowers, kisses and sugar. It does not matter if you are fan of this “holiday” or not. If you are a girl, boy, in relation ship or looking for one. What is important is that it gives us opportunity to run a cool promo and for you to get great service in awesome price. Continue reading

Should you be worried about WebRTC security leak?



At least some of you might have hear the news about “big VPN security leak” in the recent days. We feel it is important that you know situation first hand and all relevant details in this regard. Please, spear us few minutes of your time to read this post. Continue reading

Tuesday, 3 February 2015 at 16:13 in News, vpn

Get VPN or call your ISP


Internet users from UK are hit with very controversial news quite often. In theory UK should be one of Western examples of freedom, freedom of speech and lack of any censorship imposed on its citizens…. but that is theory. Reality is unfortunately quite different. Continue reading

SoftEther VPN – best VPN protocol?


soft-ether-vpn-protocolSome of you may have noticed, that about a month ago HideIPVPN has introduced new VPN protocol. Now, with many tests past us we can officially invite you to use it on a daily basis.

VPN protocol choice is important!

Number of VPN protocols offered by VPN service is as important as number of actual VPN servers. True. You can find other VPN providers in the internet that will allow you to choose from a lot more servers than we do. However hardly any other can offer you so complete package, with this level of quality (in regard of VPN itself as well as customer service and approach) and our level of prices. Continue reading

Monday, 26 January 2015 at 22:21 in News, vpn