New VPN prices, better VPN packages!

hideipvpn loveNot often we can announce such exciting news as today. HideIPVPN is very happy to inform you that our VPN offer has been completely renewed and changed. In post below we will tell you everything you need to know about new VPN packages, new prices and what it means for new and existing customers.  Continue reading

How can you not love Netflix?

Love NetflixNetflix does not stop to amazes us. We have to admit. We are very big fans of SmartDNS technology and Netflix service. And because recent days brought new news about it, we thought that we should share it with you. Both current VPN and SmartDNS  users as well as first time visitors. Prepare for a small revolution!  Continue reading

How expensive is watching movies from Torrent without VPN?

EXPENDABLES3+0-344x500This is one from the whole series of articles and posts about P2P VPN. As you know we do not encourage you to brake the law and download copyrighted content. However, at the same time we fell that our duty to you, our customers comes first. This means that we have to warn you how our service can save you trouble in future. You have to know that is you decide not to use torrent VPN and choose solutions like IP address blocking software.  Continue reading

Save 55% on best VPN and SmartDNS

BIG savings on VPN and DNS

As you all know form our previous post about birthday and VPN promotion we have come up with awesome idea for VPN discounts and Smart DNS sale. It looks like our offer for you (we will remind you details in the moment) proved to be very successful. Because (as you know of course) HideIPVPN is a cool company we have decided to extend it!  Continue reading

Independence Day promotion!

4th of July VPN sale
HideIPVPN would like to congratulate all Americans on this special day for all US citizens. Independence Day is a very important holiday for Americans, a truly happy one, where freedom is celebrated. At the same time it is worth to rememberer that not all people in their countries and not all countries can enjoy similar day.  Continue reading

How to watch from outside Poland

How to watch from outside PolandAs you know, two day ago we have updated our SmartDNS. Right now, this great streaming tool allows you to unblock access to sites in three different countries – USA, UK and Poland. We understand that different users use different streaming services. With that in mind we will start today series of posts that will try to explain how to access specific services via proxy DNS, what is DNS and how to use it. We start today with first Polish VOD service – Continue reading

Smart DNS got bigger – watch Polish VOD anywhere!

Watch Polish TV & VOD abroadHideIPVPN is very proud to announce, that our great proxy DNS service – Smart DNS got (again) a lot better. Smart DNS, that allows international access to blocked services like Netflix, Hulu and Crackle in USA or BBC, ITV, SKY Go in UK now will allow all its users to access VOD sites in Poland.  Continue reading

My VPN… USA vs Europe

VPN service locationHow do I choose the best VPN? What should I take under consideration? How do I know if company is trust worthy? Is it important from which country is my VPN provider? What should I know, check ask for? How does it al work? Will I know what to do and how to use it? Continue reading