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Internet users from UK are hit with very controversial news quite often. In theory UK should be one of Western examples of freedom, freedom of speech and lack of any censorship imposed on its citizens…. but that is theory. Reality is unfortunately quite different. Continue reading

Independence Day promotion!

4th of July VPN sale
HideIPVPN would like to congratulate all Americans on this special day for all US citizens. Independence Day is a very important holiday for Americans, a truly happy one, where freedom is celebrated. At the same time it is worth to rememberer that not all people in their countries and not all countries can enjoy similar day.  Continue reading

Internet censorship is rising in Russia

censorshipWhen we wrote about citizens rights and censorship in the recent months our main news were coming from USA and UK. Thanks to Mr. Snowden, we know that countries claiming to be free and democratic were (and are) spying on there own citizens and everyone else. How ever, there is one more country that claims it is ruled by democracy and freedom – Russia. But is it really?  Continue reading

Netflix & net neutrality news

netflix smartdnsLooks like every week we have an opportunity to talk about Netflix. In general we do not have anything against it. Although today’s leading subject makes us a bit scarred for the future. Not the future of Netflix but of the world wide web in general.  Continue reading

Good news before end of the year

Don't surf without VPN protection!
Don’t surf without VPN protection!

In second week of December we have posted article about RedTube and problem that visitors of this site have experienced. If you don’t follow latest news from the internet, let us refresh this story.  Continue reading

More privacy with VPN and secure mail

Secure mail with VPNAs you all know in recent weeks there was quite a lot of noise regarding PRISM. Thanks to Mr Snowden we all know that biggest internet companies have been very “open” where it comes to user data. Beside other implications it is worth to know that NSA had (and probably still has) very easy access to most popular e-mail services. There is one guy however who can help with that. Continue reading

Piracy Browser + VPN make a great tandem

Privacy BrowserIran, North Korea, United Kingdom, Holland, Belgium, Finland, Denmark, Ireland. Do you know what all those countries have in common? Strong censorship of the Internet (in first two cases much bigger than in the rest) where torrents and file exchange is concerned and complete ban on The Pirate Bay access. TPB thought it is not right and came up with browser that should help you with that (if you live in one of above mentioned countries). With good VPN they should make an interesting combination.  Continue reading

VPN in UK is a “must have”!

NSA USWe believe that most of you have heard by now about PRISM, Mr Edward Snowden and National Security Agency in US. In our last post in regard of VPN in UK we were wondering if UK users should consider such feature as a must have. Right now we are convinced that it is a fact.  Continue reading