Polish VPN – new country added!

blogimageHideIPVPN is very proud to inform you that we have added new country to our VPN network. We have a brand new server located in Poland and that means we now offer Polish VPN. And here is what you should know about this new feature.

Get Polish IP address now!

Before we get to boring, technical part of the post let us first give you some cool news. First of all you may find Polish VPN quite useful because of all the TV/VOD and music features. Although Polish VOD market is not as complex as the one in USA it still has some cool services. Most important one is HBO Go Poland. If you have a friend or family in Poland using this service now, you will have even easier access (don’t forget that most Polish services can also be accessed via our Smart DNS option!). Also services like Spotify, Deezer or Wimp are available in Poland (and looks that Netflix will join Poland soon).

Secondly, as always, new features (in this case Polish VPN) are available for all customers, not only new sign ups. If you subscribed to our best VPN plan right now Polish VPN and Polish IP address are yours to use! Price of the package remains the same. If you are subscribed to any other VPN package but you think that Polish IP and Polish VPN would be useful for you, contact our support we we will do our best to help you change your plan ASAP.

Polish VPN via super VPN server!

Our new, Polish VPN server is located in Warsaw. As all our VPN servers it offers up to 1 Gbps of bandwidth per user. You may use following VPN protocols when using Polish VPN: SSTP, PPTP, L2TP , OpenVPN and of course SoftEther.

Get great VPN cheaper!

We also have a a small surprise for those of you who want to sign up for our service, get Polish IP and use all our VPN servers and new, Polish VPN. Use “POLISHVPN20” discount code during registration and we will give you 20% OFF any billing cycle!!! This promotion will be valid for 2 weeks only and we will let you know once it is over.

P.S. – P2P and torrent traffic are not allowed on Polish VPN server – please use NL & DE servers for such purposes.


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