VPN Android App update v1.3

Last updated on March 1st, 2017 in News, VPN

We are glad to announce that we’ve just updated our Andoid VPN app to version 1.3. Here is what’s new and what you have to do to update!

What’s new in Android VPN app?

Although as far as we know you did not have a lot of problems with our VPN Android application some bug fixes were needed. Also here what’s new in our Android app:

  1. Connect VPN on sign in – If this option is on then our app will automatically connect to VPN.
  2. Hide app on connect – If this option is on then our app will be automatically hidden once you are connected to VPN.
  3. Reconnect if connection dropped – If this option is on  then our app will automatically reconnect if the connection is dropped. Also it will also reconnect when WiFi or 3/4G connection is reestablished.
  4. We added notification system. Our app will notify you once new version of the software is available or if we have some special news.

If you have any questions about our service or application we are here for you: use mail, support ticket, live chat to contact us. And if you happen to be here first time just install our free VPN app.

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