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Last updated on April 15th, 2014 in Proxy, SmartDNS, VPN

Unblock UK in PortugalToday we would like to give some advice about VPN to those of you living in Portugal. It does not matter if you are looking for ways to improve your English, or if English is your first language. Whichever is the reason you both want unblock UK TV and unblock US VOD services. But that might not be all. If you want to be invisible in the internet or simply would love to make anonymous downloads – HideIPVPN has a right product for you.

VPN unblock or SmartDNS unblock

Above we have mentioned 4 reasons people in many different countries are either using VPN or proxy DNS to unblock UK, US or improve their anonymity. Lets try to be thorough and lets go over those reasons one by one.

1. Unblock British TV and American VOD services:

For this purpose HideIPVPN would recommend free proxy DNS service included in most of our VPN packages. This solution has a great advantage over VPN – it can be sort of “fire and forget”. You can of course use our DNS service on any dive you want and set it up each time but the simplest way you can use it, is to set it up on home router. If you do so, all devices in your home network will take advantage of SmartDNS – and it does not matter how many of them connects at one time or if you are using browser or specific apps. Via SmartDNS you will be able to enjoy excellent quality of picture from services like BBC iPlayer, ITV, Hulu, Netflix US, Netflix UK, HBO Go US, SkyGo, NowTV and many, many more.

2. Unblock UK and stay anonymous:

But some services require user to hide IP address or (through VPN server) change it to IP address from different country. UK VPN is the only way to unblock TVCatchup in UK. TVCatchup is UK online TV service that allows to watch most of British TV channels live. Depending on the VPN package you choose you will gain also access to VPN servers located in different countries – US VPN, NL VPN or DE VPN. VPN in itself has one big advantage over SmartDNS. As all your traffic if fully encrypted and your IP address stays hidden your are anonymous and practically invisible in the internet.

3. Download files anonymously:

We have just wrote that connection to VPN server grants you anonymity in the internet. What’s more your local ISP is unable to track any of your online activity. This means, that with the right choice of VPN servers in your package you will be able to use P2P and torrent networks without any risk or limitations. Just make sure you do not make such downloads when connected to our US or UK servers. Torren and P2P traffic is only allowed on NL & DE VPN servers.

To summarize, to have the best VPN in Portugal, that will allow you for all activities above choose one of ours $9.99 plans or better yet – Super Premium VPN package. In all cases you will get access to wide range of VPN servers located in UK, US and NL or DE as well as free proxy and free SmartDNS service.

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