How expensive is watching movies from Torrent without VPN?

Last updated on September 22nd, 2014 in Proxy, SmartDNS, VPN

EXPENDABLES3+0-344x500This is one from the whole series of articles and posts about P2P VPN. As you know we do not encourage you to brake the law and download copyrighted content. However, at the same time we fell that our duty to you, our customers comes first. This means that we have to warn you how our service can save you trouble in future. You have to know that is you decide not to use torrent VPN and choose solutions like IP address blocking software. 

Letters from ISP – pay $300 or else…

As some of you know, movie “Expendables 3” has leaked to P2P & torrent networks a good few weeks before it’s cinema premier. What made things even worse, copy that was distributed online had truly good quality. Production company “Millennium Films” could only cry in despair. Torrent Freak brings the whole story of how both production company and movie distributor had reacted to the leak. DCMA notices, etc were of course send out to all places possible. However there is one interesting change in tactics, from what we read at TF site.

Millennium Films , represented on the matter by CEG TEK International (company that specializes in first-in-class copyright, trademark and brand protection […] comprehensive anti-piracy solutions to rights & content owners worldwide.). As you can see they did find professionals to handle the issue. Those professionals, once they had list of IP addresses in hand instead of going through court asked ISP’s to forward notices to customers in question. 

VPN savings

People who received such notices got until 5th of October to pay $300(*) or…. things will get worse.

It also turns out, that people who used IP hiding software instead of BitTorrent friendly VPN, from ISP that has “no logs kept!” policy like we have are in big, bit trouble now. What is more, CEG TEK assumed that the same policy with Expendables 2. This where they did asked for $300 of settlement fee. We can assume that penalty for E3 is not lower than that.

Now, what you need to remember is: to hide IP address always use VPN. Do not believe in miracle software! Especially if it is free of charge. Either it will do nothing or in the worst case you’ll install a virus or other phishing software on your computer. If you want to hide IP address, stay anonymous and protect your data – always use VPN. And if you can don’t download copyrighted materials. Sooner or later they will get to Hulu, Crackle or Netflix. And all of them you can easily unblock with our Smart DNS proxy service!

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