How to watch Netflix in France

Last updated on January 13th, 2014 in Proxy, SmartDNS, VPN

France NetflixBienvenue, aujourd’hui, quelques mots sur Netflix en France. Now, lets hope that Google Translate got this one right and that instead of Netflix we did not just invite you to a romantic dinner with candles. Today we will focus on one thing only. How to watch Netflix in France and why you should do it. 

Comment débloquer Netflix en France or How to unblock Netflix in France

As for now, Netflix is not available in France. There is a gossip going in the internet that it has plans to start service in France, but as usual… nothing is easy. From what we understand all local French organisations representing artists are against it. Also it will be end of Canal + VOD. But fear not, unblocking Netflix in is easy as “une, deux, trois” ;-).

So… how to do it. You got two options really… First is VPN, second is SmartDNS. VPN is a technology that will hide and change your French IP address to US IP address. All you need to do is create VPN connection on your device (exact instruction for different systems are available in our “Setup” section) or simply use our VPN applications for Windows and Mac.. Once active, all sites in the internet will “think” you are actually sitting with your computer in New York or Los Angeles. You can enjoy VPN on Windows and OSX systems, Android and iOS. But not all devices support VPN. If you would want to watch Netflix on your big TV in the middle of Paris or Lyon VPN will do you no good.

To be sure that Netflix will work on almost any of your devices and that you will be able to enjoy full speed (bandwidth) of you internet connection we suggest SmartDNS (special DNS + proxy) solution. In case of SmartDNS Netflix unlock, packages of data (only necessary ones) are redirected through very fast proxy server. This means that even when Netflix will introduce 4K resolution with it’s second season of “House of Cards” you will be able to stream it!

Netflix ou torrents – lequel dois-je utiliser?

Netflix or torrents – which one should I use? Good question, isn’t it? In our opinion you should use Netflix. It is more honest and definitely way more safe for French users than using P2P and torrents. We are pretty sure term HADOPI is well know to you – if you don’t read and be scarred.

Because of all we have written above our main suggestion would be to get the most comprehensive VPN – ours. And here is why.

If you choose one of our mid-range VPN plans you will get access to very fast VPN servers in US and UK. This means unlocked VOD services from USA and UK. You will be able to fully use our SmartDNS service (but you can get it as a stand alone service for as little as $3.24/month) and if you really can not resist, you will be able to use P2P and torrents (via VPN) in complete anonymity and safety from HADOPI. Sounds OK?

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