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Last updated on September 19th, 2014 in Proxy, SmartDNS, VPN

BIG savings on VPN and DNS

As you all know form our previous post about birthday and VPN promotion we have come up with awesome idea for VPN discounts and Smart DNS sale. It looks like our offer for you (we will remind you details in the moment) proved to be very successful. Because (as you know of course) HideIPVPN is a cool company we have decided to extend it! 

Big VPN savings!

Lets start with VPN. Our Premium VPN packages give you ability to hide your IP, stay anonymous in the internet, encrypt your traffic flow, disguise your on-line location, hide from ISP and change IP. Our VPN also gives you ability to use our VPN of it much easier and faster with the help of our free VPN app for Windows and Apple Mac. Right now, we give you one more reason to choose our VPN solution above others. It is 55% discount on any package recurring (repeating!) 3 times! And that is not it!!! As it was, our VPN plans beside different VPN protocols or proxy servers come with one more perk – Smart DNS. For details about how to save on VPN read bottom section, we will tell you more about DNS service.

Big SmartDNS discount!

SmartDNS, service that relies on special US proxy servers, UK proxy servers and Polish proxy servers – as well as specially programmed DNS servers was introduced to HideIPVPN not that long ago. With the popularity rise of streaming services it appeared that as good as VPN is, proxy DNS solution (for this, specific task) will be even better. Smart DNS will not hide your IP, will not change your IP and in general it is not an anonymity tool nor a service that increases your Internet safety. But it is the most useful and easiest to use way to unblock access to geo – restricted streaming services. Works with almost any device, allows for instant streaming of HQ video and requires almost no user input after initial installation. What is more it was cheaper than VPN. What is better, now it is true bargain! Get 55% off on SmartDNS plans!

VPN & Smart DNS sale details!

So… Regardless of your choice – VPN + SmarDNS or only SmartDNS we will give you 55% discount on ANY PLAN (from 1 month to 1 year) and to make it even better we will give it to you 3 consecutive times! All you have to do is choose and click VPN or Smart DNS and during registration of your account use code “happyVPN“.


As you know HideIPVPN is all about quality of our VPN service. Only the best, all the time. This promotion will last till end of September unless we will run out of discounted accounts quicker. As you know we limit number of accounts that can be created each month so that our servers do not get overloaded with traffic and that you always get the best service. So.. if you want to make sure you will save – don’t wait and register your account now.

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