Unblock 4K streaming from Netflix

Last updated on May 10th, 2014 in Proxy, SmartDNS

netflix uhdWe all love numbers. In most cases the higher the number the better we feel. Faster CPU’s, bigger screens in smartphones, higher capacity broadband and so on, and so on. The same rule can be applied to world of movies and entertainment in digital era. Movie productions are getting publicity even before release date due to production budget and TV and Smart TV manufacturers are trying to catch our attention (and get into our pocket) through resolution. 

First there was VHS…

First revolution we had was VHS standard for our home entertainment. We ware able to play, record, share videos and there was hardly a problem on region restriction. Than we have entered DVD era. New quality of picture was truly awesome. DVD players got cheaper and our TV sets got bigger. But at a certain size of screen quality of picture displayed was not good enough.

We have entered era of Blue-Ray (witnessed a war between BR and HD-DVD) and HD TV. Only few years ago first over 40″ TV sets with HD resolution were very expensive (1980 x 1080), today they are old news. We have just entered era of Ultra HD, also called 4K resolution (3840 x 2160).

Unblock Netflix, enjoy the best picture quality ever!

Only last year Netflix started to stream its (new) materials in Super HD quality. Super HD is almost the same as Full HD. The difference is not in resolution but in bandwidth used. Although Super HD might be a bit more “Internet  hungry” than Full HD, from what we understand you should be able to get a clearer picture.

But all this is going aside now. Wherever in the world you live with our awesome proxy SmartDNS unblock, you should be able to watch selected show in Ultra HD quality (if you already have screen that supports this resolution).

SmartDNS is the only solution that can be used to unblock Full HD, Super HD and 4K streaming. It is great to know that the best video streaming service in the world – Netflix is also the one that excels in innovation.

Why would you want to waste time in order to download massive files with torrent VPN? Instead use VPN for you security and anonymity on-line and Smart DNS to stream your favourite movies and TV shows for the best services in the world. With (almost) single click you can unblock Netflix (both US and UK), Hulu, Crackle, Amazon Instant Video and many, many more. And all of this is truly good or exceptional (Netflix!) quality.

If you are looking of ways to access US and UK streaming services don’t hesitate and just try! Free proxy unblock of sites like Hulu, BBC and Netflix for 7 days – we are sure you will love it!

 PS. Famous “Breaking Bad” will hit Netflix in 4K at some point June this year – don’t miss that if you got right screen to enjoy it!

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