How can you not love Netflix?

Last updated on October 1st, 2014 in Proxy, SmartDNS, VPN

Love NetflixNetflix does not stop to amazes us. We have to admit. We are very big fans of SmartDNS technology and Netflix service. And because recent days brought new news about it, we thought that we should share it with you. Both current VPN and SmartDNS  users as well as first time visitors. Prepare for a small revolution! 

Netflix – the best VOD service in the world!

If you were “googling” for Netflix abroad, how to watch Netflix outside US, how to unlock Netflix outside USA and similar key words we are very happy that you have landed here. Below we will describe the best way to unblock Netflix on any device in any country. But before we will give you all necessary details let us start with the main reason for this post.

Some of you might have read our post from few days ago about how Netflix broke traditional TV. First, in quite unexpected move for consumers, company that was just a DVD rental place started production of its own TV shows. Quite bold move and very successful one. So far, Netflix productions met with great reception from viewers. “Hose of cards” or “Orange is the new black” being the flag products. It even managed to sell those shows to other TV channels. Funny thing is, that as right now Netflix is available to watch in France, but because it sold right to “House of cards” to Canal +, French customers are unable to watch this show at Netflix online. But Netflix did not stopped there. Unlike TV stations that broadcast new despised of each show every week, it offered its customers whole season of the shows to watch instantly.It was up to you to either savour the experience or binge watch it over 1 night (and day).

Now, Netflix takes another step. We have learned from The Verge, Netflix now plans to start its own original movie production. The first title financed and produced by Netflix will be “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: The Green Legend”. 

But that is not the end of shocking news. As you might expect, movie will be available for all (at least in the USA) streaming customers on the day of premiere. But it will (at the same day) hit IMAX theatres. It will be the first time ever for a brand new movie to get (legally) to the internet streaming service and cinemas! Let’s hope movie will be good and wohle experiment will be a great success!

Now, we said above we got the best method to unblock Netflix US and UK. That’s right. In most cases you will find recommendations to use US VPN in order to unblock Netflix. We do recommend for you to  get hide IP with VPN but for different reasons and purposes – safety, anonymity, privacy. However for the purposes like unlocking Netflix (or HUlu, Crackle, BBC and many more streaming services) we have much better tool. It is a combination of proxy and DNS servers called – Smart DNS. With very simple tweak of DNS setting on your device or home router you can easily unblock access to many different music and video steaming services. Method is almost foolproof and under SmartDNS section you will find all necessary information.

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