Unblock US Crackle in UK

Last updated on May 20th, 2014 in Proxy, SmartDNS, VPN

Unblock CrackleWe have wrote about and mentioned Crackle on our blog already few times. However we feel this service (still) does not have a recognition it deserves. Today we direct our post at UK VPN users. Although your video streaming services are great we will tell you how you can make them even better! 

Do I need VPN in UK?

In theory you do not. However as far as the reality goes – of course you do. There are plenty reasons why you do need VPN, but lest focus on the few most important and most practical one. First of all, through VPN you encrypt all the data you exchange with the world. This makes it impossible for anyone to “see” what sort of data you send and receive. On its own it might not sound like an important thing, but when you consider how “BIG DATA” gets more and more important with every single day you might consider to change your position on this. Your service provider, search engine and quite few others are interested in what you do, who you are, what are your interests. It is also worth to mention, that there are also criminals trying to access your data and device. Every time you use unsecured HOTSPOT (Wi-Fi) you most definitely are a target of attack. The effect might be loose of your identity or (if you are lucky) only of your bank funds. VPN with it encryption and change of your IP might prevent all that. Likewise, if you do use torrent and P2P networks from time to time, your private IP address is for sure something you want to keep hidden… just in case.

But what all this has to do with unblocking Crackle?

Since you now have VPN you might as well get all its benefits. Crackle is a great streaming service. It used to operate in UK till 01.04.2014 and now it is closed down.

crackle UK

But fear not. It still operates in the USA. All you need is a connection to a US VPN server to change your IP to USA one. Once you hide your IP you will be able to access this service exactly as if you would be in US.

But to good stuff does not end there! With our VPN plans you will also get to use proxy DNS or (as we call it) SmartDNS service. It is even better for free streaming HQ videos. The same way you will be able to unblock Hulu, Fox and US Pandora radio. But best of all, if you use UK Netflix – with US proxy DNS or US VPN IP you will also get full access to Netflix USA library! Ain’t that great? Don’t wait – try our VPN and Smart DNS today!

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