Android VPN password problem solved

Last updated on March 15th, 2011 in News, Setup

We do know that quite a lot of you might have a problem with usage of VPN servers (of any kind) and Android device. It seems that Google did not made the whole VPN experience very user friendly where VPN (and password) is in question. The biggest issue an Android owner faces is that every single time you want to connect to VPN server you have to type in a password. We do agree that it is definitely more secure not to have it stored on the device but on the other hand we do agree that it can be a real “pain in the backside”. When you are on the 3G network and signal get weak it might mean that you will be forced to enter password to connect every few minutes (please bear in mind IT IS NOT OUR FAULT! 🙂 ) Because of that we have been more than happy to read an article regarding this issue at Android Police web site (they also give away few of VPN apps free!!!).

What you need to do is to go to Android Market and download either 5VPN app (for free, but that involves more clicking) or 1 VPN (for this you need to pay, but it will connect you to our Premium VPN servers just with one click. Both apps have a lot of very interesting features, like: auto reconnect, saving password or even widget for your home screen.

Of course applications are fully compatible with VPN servers from the Best VPN provider – yes, we mean US :-). This means that with small application to your Android device and our excellent VPN service you can browse internet safely and fully anonymously wherever you are.

Remember, your IP is your ID – better to be safe than sorry.

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