Beta tests of NewUS3 server start today

Last updated on December 7th, 2012 in News, Setup

Time has come to ask you, our customers for help. We are always looking for ways to improve our service. We understand that only by being best we can have satisfied customers who will stay with us. Right now we would like to introduce (and eventually have it replace current) new server to our network. It will be codenamed NewUS3, all customers who got access in their package to US3 VPN server will get an access to this new server. You will have to either create new VPN connection by hand (server name: or you will see it as available in our Windows VPN software.

Why do we ask you for help?

This server showed much better in our internal tests, but it is you actually that will be using it on a daily basis. We need to make sure that this new VPN server is stable and faster than the current one. Only by accessing form many locations and using this server we can find out if our assumptions are right. So, use it as much as you can. Test its speed via and send us links, together with any feedback and information about the new server you will have.

Post you scores and feedback under this post or comment on our Facbook Wall. Your opinion truly matters. Help us, help you, to get even better HideIPVPN services!

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