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Last updated on May 18th, 2012 in Proxy, Setup

0001-2996Although main reason for signing up with services like ours is the need for privacy or rather realization, that (as with lack of any antivirus software) what we do in the Internet might be very interesting to others. That our on-line identity it is smoothing we should take seriously. On the other hand with all the conspiracies going on around us we can not go completely bonkers and not everyone out there is after us. In such cases it is were our proxy servers might come handy.Let’s face it. We can not be concerned with anonymity, privacy, RIAA, censorship, etc. all the time. There are  moments when all we want to do is simply change the location of our IP and simply enjoy the film.

We know there is quite large number of you who use our service primarily because of this. Netflix, Hulu, Crackle, BBC iPlayer, 4oD to just name few. If you just want to watch TV show or a movie and (especially then!!!) you experience problems with speed of your VPN connection instead of VPN try our proxy.

Who and why should consider connecting via proxy instead of VPN?

First part was actually answered above. If you are primarily interested in watching TV online then you have two major concerns – speed of connection and IP from a country that will allow you access to the required stream.

Now, the why. Because the proxy, unlike VPN connection is working via HTTP protocol it is much, much faster. Another feature that increases overall performance is the lack of encryption. This means that (if someone wants to do it) all your data send and received, just like on a normal internet connection are quite easy to see. This is why, when you connect to sites like bank websites HTTP protocol is replaced by HTTPS, where S stands for secure.

Depending on the browser you use, you will need slightly different way of preparing your connection. All neccesary informtion and “step by step” instructions can be found here:

On Facebook, you told us that your favourite browsers are Google Chrome and FireFox. For both of them there are cool add-ons that will help you in fast and painless switching between proxies. What’s even cooler, if you setup rules of connection than browser itself will know that if you enter Hulu or BBC web address it is supposed to connect through selected proxy – isn’t it even easier than with VPN??? With FireFox you can use FoxyProxy. With Google Chrome you can consider SwitchySharp – check update below.

Now, you know how to connect to proxy, you have your add-ons  installed make a test! Connect to a VPN server, than go to and measure your speed. Afterwards disconnect, turn on proxy on (connect to the same server) and do the test again – tell us about your results on our Facebook Wall

So, using proxy does not have to be difficult. Actually it can be easier than VPN! But remember, because Your IP is Your ID use proxy connections only when you know your identity, data, etc. are not at stake. For general browsing of the internet or hen you know you want to stay invisible, always use VPN connections!

HINT!: because nature of connection and protocol are different for proxies and for VPN if you happen to encounter problems (despite of live connection to proxy server) with your location, simply clear cookies in your browser!


We have just noticed that add-ons for Google Chrome have some problems on Netlix site, basically although you are connected you might still get a location message. We advise you to install Foxy Proxy for Chrome – you can get it here.

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