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Last updated on November 17th, 2012 in News, Setup

blog-privacyToday we have decided to make sure you all know all your options and how to get the most out of our VPN packages. In text below we will try to remind you about few important facts that hopefully will make using our VPN service even more pleasurable.To improve your privacy and safety in the internet you can use all and any of our Premium VPN packages. How ever if beside that you also want to change your own public IP address to a different one, perhaps to unblock internet in specific region or unlock video streaming sites (Hulu, Netflix, 4oD, iPlayer, etc.). It this case you need to choose a package that will grant you access to required regions and servers. Since HideIPVPN offers you great full flexibility, meaning you can change/suspend you service anytime we would advise you following.

Test us by signing up for Free VPN account. If 3h of trial is not enough we advise you to go for our most comprehensive VPN package. It will give you access to all our VPN servers in all locations. You will be able to unlock all sites and services in USA and UK, as well as download and upload unlimited amounts of data (in complete anonymity) through all torrent / p2p networks. In total you will be able to connect to 25 super fast VPN servers and connect with 4 different VPN protocols – PPTP, L2TP, SSTP and Open VPN.

If video streaming is your primary objective than you should do two more things, especially if  your own broadband connection is not very fast and/or if you are located far from the place you want to access. First of them is to test all available servers in selected package as the route of connection between you and them might be different in each case (you can find out more here). Secondly, you might want to try to use proxy connection instead of VPN. Access to servers via proxy is added as a free bonus to all our VPN packages (why it is better to use proxy with slow broadband and/or computer?).

In order to make all those test as easy and user friendly as possible we have prepared free VPN Windows software that we advise you to download and install. This way you will save lots of time on creation of all VPN connections by hand. With our Windows VPN software you will also get access to additional features like automatic closing and restart of all your applications that are using VPN tunnels. It is especially useful when you want to access torrent and p2p networks through VPN and leave computer working without your supervision. You can download our VPN Windows software here and if you want to know more about look for posts about HideIPVPN Windows software on our blog.

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