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Last updated on March 15th, 2013 in News, Setup

google-play-logoMany of us is using different mobile devices. Android smartphones and tablets, iOS based iPhones and iPads and (in authors private opinion underestimated Windows Phone). Recently, even Windows 8 is much more mobile with new range of hybrid devices. today we will tell you how you can use your VPN account to get apps from different parts of the world.  We don’t really understand why, but on many occasions apps are limited to certain parts of the world. It would not be difficult to answer this question it regard of paid apps – developer wants different prices in different regions of the world but if we talk about free apps? Where is the harm? Especially that in many cases those restrictions are fictional.

For advice how to get apps from Apple Store or Windows Store ask us on Facebook as it is really very simple. Here, we will focus on how to cheat Google Play.

Until recently, in order to get apps from USA (when you bought you Android device in Europe) you had to root your phone, than get an app called MarketEnabler, finally in many cases you had to spend lot of time on different forums in order to make it all work. We have much, much simpler solution for you – use your VPN package and cheat Google through VPN servers!

HideIPVPN service will grant you access to two most important markets with apps – Google Play US and Google Play UK. Depending on the VPN package you currently have (remember, you can change it at each end of the billing period) you can access one or both of them easily.

Connect to VPN server that will (hide your IP) give you IP address from the market you want to access and simply open Google Play web site in browser on your PC. This trick might not work with browser on your phone as Google servers might also check for GSM operator ID and since it has nothing to do with your IP address, they might not be fooled. Once Google Play site is up on your screen simply choose desired app (like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, 4oD or any other) and click “Install” on your device. And that is it! 🙂

We would love to hear you comment if this solution have worked for you. If you want to share some cool apps with rest of our community or other tricks you can do with VPN access – our Facebook Wall and Google+ site are yours! 😉

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