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Last updated on July 19th, 2012 in News, Setup

As you know HideIPVPN team is working hard on many levels in order to make your life with the Internet and VPN easier, safer, better. We try different types of promotions, we try to involve you in different contests, we reward our Premium customers with free months of VPN and we also try to improve our Windows software that we have introduced few months ago. Latest feature we would like to offer you is improved functionality of the software I have just mentioned. Feedback from you has been very positive and because of that we have decided to rush (this time) things a bit and allow you to try and test our newest idea. Please, bear in mind that (as mentioned) this function (only!) is in BETA mode and as such might not work in full “fool proof” mode.

OK… what is it about? Although our VPN network consists of top quality servers there is many other things that do influence speed and stability of connection. With our latest update we will help those of you who are using torrent clients. Now, you can start connection, start download and… well, you’re free to go and do whatever you want. You do not have to sit in front of the computer any more just in case your VPN connection would go down and your online activity would get exposed.

Right now, you can add programs you wish to close down in case your connection drops. And our software will do just that. If your machine will get disconnected from our VPN network, programs set by you will be shut down and (this is really very cool!!!) once HideIPVPN software re-establishes connection they will get restarted. This means that if you want to download or upload large files (that usually takes time) you do not have to supervise this job anymore. Even if something will interrupt our VPN tunnel your online identity will still be safe and hidden.

On the picture above you can clearly see which options should be turned on (ticked) in order to get the full functionality.

As I have wrote before, this function is in BETA stage currently. During our tests we have not noticed any problems with torrent clients – every time connection was dropped they were closed by our software and again restarted one connection was re-established. However this was not the case with browsers. Sometimes browsers like Google Chrome seemed to be completely unaffected by our software, Internet Explorer – well honestly, no rule here. Because of that (and because we are unable to test all software you might want to use with VPN) we advise you at this stage to  first make some tests yourselves to see how this function performs. If you will run into any big problems or if you want to send us your feedback (or perhaps other ideas for additional functionality) write to: support[at]hideipvpn.com. We will do our best to fix any possible bug as soon as possible. We hope that especially torrent users will appreciate this added functionality, even if it is (yet) in BETA stage.

How to info:

If you are currently using our software under Windows and you want to try/use this new, added function either uninstall your software and download new version from here or simply restart it and our software will check for an update automatically. Enjoy! 🙂

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