How to setup HideIPVPN app for Android

Last updated on December 21st, 2015 in Setup

Welcome to HideIPVPN. In this tutorial you will find out how to setup and use our FREE VPN app for Android.

1. To start please Download and Install our VPN Android app from Google Play Store. Once you’re in, please press “INSTALL” (1)



2. Once Installed press “OPEN” (2)


3. Once app is launched type your VPN Username and Password (3). Check “Remember password” box (4) if you want to save your login details.  Press “SIGN IN” (5). When your done.

If you don’t have a VPN account just get it by pressing on “ORDER NOW” (6) button and start order process. In case you forgot your credentials, just press on “Forgot your password” to reset (7).


4. Once you have signed in, please choose the country (8) you want to connect. You can slide between them. At the moment there are 7 countries ( US, UK, NL, DE, CA, PL and FR)


Here is a small video how it works.


5.  You might be prompted to accept new connection. Press OK.


6. Once application will create connection you will noticed at the bottom with status “You are connected”. To disconnect just press the “Disconnect” (12) button.


7. We are using OpenVPN to create VPN connections. Using our application you have the possibility to choose OpenVPN port you want to use. For this press on menu button (13) and select “Settings” (14).


8. You will see a button with the current OpenVPN port. Press on this button (15) to choose another port.

9. In opened window just press on port you want to use. The app will save changes automatically. Now you can go back to main screen and connect.


10. In “Info” you find information about your package and a small description of our service. Also there you will find some useful links.


Now you’re done! Enjoy you privacy and thank you for choosing HideIPVPN!


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