How to setup PPTP on Android Nougat

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This tutorial will help you to setup and use our VPN service service via PPTP VPN protocol.

(Compatible with Android Nougat, Lollipop and with KitKat)

1. Start you device and go to “Settings”

Lollipop PPTP VPN

2. Then click “More” (1)

Lollipop PPTP VPN

3. Choose “VPN”. (2)

Lollipop PPTP VPN

4.  “Add”  VPN profile, by pressing “+” (3) button as it is shown in the image below.

Lollipop PPTP VPN

5. Name your profile (connection to each server has to have different name) (4), leave VPN type as default – PPTP (5), and enter name or IP address or name of desired VPN server (for example (6). Once done, just press on “Save”

Lollipop PPTP VPN

6. Click on your created VPN profile and type your VPN account username (7) and password (8). Then click on “Connect”.

Lollipop PPTP VPN

7. Now you are connected. To end the VPN session click on the active VPN profile and click “disconnect”

Lollipop PPTP VPN

If you have any questions or problems you can always open a support ticket in Client Area or contact us through live-chat.

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