How to setup proxy on Windows 10

Last updated on July 14th, 2015 in Proxy, Setup

This instructions will show you how to setup proxy on Windows 10. Our tutorial is very easy to follow and when you follow all the steps you will be able to enjoy proxy on Windows 10.

This setup will work only in case you are using Chrome, Opera or Internet Explorer as browser. To setup proxy on Firefox please use this tutorial.

Before starting, if you don’t have an active VPN account you must get it – Get FREE VPN trial account!

Set up proxy on Windows 10 using steps below.

1.   Press “Start” button and find PC Settings (1) as it is shown in the image below. You can either get “Charms bar” on the right or simply (while on Start screen) start typing. Search window will show up automatically (2).

proxy on Windows 10

2. In PC settings menu choose “Network” (3)

proxy on Windows 10

3. Select Proxy (4). Then slide on (5) the jumper in “Manual proxy setup. Type the server you want to connect (6) and one of the ports (7) for connection : 3129, 8080 or 81. Press Save (8) and you’re done.

proxy on Windows 10

Now access a page through your browser and in authentication window type your VPN username and password.

We hope you will enjoy using proxy on Windows 10.

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