How to: Transparent DNS Proxy Test

Last updated on March 28th, 2015 in Setup

  1. Enable Smart DNS using our software for Mac or PC or by setting a manual connection.
  2. Open a command window. The process differs for Windows and MAC. Windows: Press Windows Key + R and type cmd, then press Enter. Mac OS: start terminal, go to Utilities and click on Terminal.

This will open a window like the image bellow :

Transparent DNS Proxy Test

3. In that window type:nslookup and press Enter. You will get a reply. It should look like this, but might differ a little depending of DNS country you selected.

C:\Users\michael>cd ..




Name: Address:

Transparent DNS Proxy Test

If the result next to second “Address” is you have no problems and our DNS servers works well on your computer.

In case you have another result go to Step 4.

4. Type:nslookup  and press Enter.

You will get a result that will look like this:

C:\Users\michael>cd ..


Server: UnKnown Address:



Transparent DNS Proxy Test
If you see in your result at “Address:” another IP address than then your Internet Service Provider is doing Transparent DNS Proxy. In this case, the only solution is to follow our tutorial for bypassing Transparent DNS Proxy with a DD-WRT router.

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