How to watch Wimbledon 2013 online

Last updated on June 25th, 2013 in News, Setup

Wimbledon 2013 online UK VPN Smart DNS

Sorry for our late start, but as it turned out not all of us at HideIPVPN are tennis fans.But having in mind that it is always “better late than never” today we will try to correct our mistake. All of you searching the web for information “How to watch Wimbledon online” you can stop as we have perfect news for you. From what we have seen the best option you have is to take advantage of the fact that all of BBC main channels (BBC One & BBC Two) do stream their programming live in the internet. This means that if you got good internet connection you should have no problem in accessing site, as long as you are in the UK or… Yes, there is one minor problem. BBC site is geo-restricted for UK residents only. But do not fear. HideIPVPN has it all sorted ;-).

Choice number one. Sign up for our awesome SmartDNS and you will be able to access not only the BBC channels but most of the VOD, TV and music streaming sites is US and UK (for complete list of enabled sites and devices, click here). Also, right now you can take and advantage of our great Smart DNS promotion – you can get very nice discount on your service.

What is SmartDNS in few words. It is a technology that redirects your internet traffic but only when necessary.  This means one time setup as our DNS servers are doing the job for you. You use the internet as you did, but every time your device will try to access site or service that is blocked, we will unblock it for you in an instant. This way we can unlock Netflix, unlock Hulu and of course unblock BBC (and more).

Choice number two is to use a bit more sophisticated method – VPN or Virtual Private Tunnel. The advantage of this solution for users is in encryption and anonymity. Once you are connected to our VPN server (this is very easy to do, simply take a peek at our setup VPN) your own, real IP address will be replaced with IP address of VPN server. And because this (VPN’s) IP is visible to the world you can access BBC, unblock Netflix, unblock Hulu and more. What’s more – you are completely hidden and invisible. And because all your traffic is encrypted even your ISP can not spy on you.

We left best news for the end. As our SmartDNS is quite new we have decided to give all of you chance to test it FREE for 7 days. This simply means that you can unlock UK free. The same goes for another side of Atlantic Ocean – you can unlock US free of charge and test our service. We are certain you will love it and decide to get Premium SmartDNS.

Once any of above services is setup on your device go to:

BBC TV: – to watch BBC One and Two live or

BBC iPlayer: – if you want to catchup.

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