Netflix on Windows Phone outside USA

Last updated on May 1st, 2013 in News, Setup

Netflix on Windows PhoneThis is how you can Netflix on Windows Phone. Not that long ago we have told you about new service coming to HideIPVPN – Smart DNS. We are almost ready with all features of the new service and as promised we will bring you more news about all its features. Right now, we can tell you that service should be fully operational in May. In previous posts we have told you, that Smart DNS will allow to access geo-restricted services, devices and systems without VPN support. One of such systems is Windows Phone and all devices based on it. 

We have just told you that until now Windows Phone users, unlike their iOS and Android friends were in a very poor situation. On both older system, it is not a problem to setup and use VPN connections as well as download applications from different regions like Netflix or Spotify. What’s more Windows Phone will not allow you to change DNS setup as well. But Smart DNS is so flexible, that it will allow you to watch Netflix movies (in 720p) on your WP device anyway.

Get Netflix on Windows Phone

First of all you will need to download Netflix app from Windows Marketplace. The easiest way to do this, is through your phone. Because you are not in USA and your Live account is registered in different country, Windows Store will not allow you to download requested app. Don’t worry.

In your phone go to Settings -> Language + region and change field Country/Region to USA. Restart your phone. When you enter Marketplace after reboot you should have no problems in finding and downloading Netflix application. You are now half-way through.

Unblock Netflix on Windows Phone with Smart DNS

Second step will be to change address of DNS servers on your home router. Once we will open access to Smart DNS service for all our Premium VPN account holders you will find out exact IP addresses of those servers. At the same time we will tell you what you need to do in order to activate this type of access for all your devices.

With DNS IP in hand you will need to login to your router (usually through addresses like or similar). Look for options to configure your internet connection. If you can not find it, we would suggest to contact you ISP – they will tell you exactly where you can find option to change DNS numbers.

If you are concerned  – “What will happen to my internet service if I use HideIPVPN DNS servers?” don’t be. Nothing will change. All your favourite sites will work as they did, with small exception…

Once your router DNS setup is changed, saved and device rebooted go back to your phone. Start Netflix application and enjoy Netflix on device without VPN or DNS support. After this change, all devices in your LAN network (like Xbox, PS3 or multimedia player will no be able to access Netflix, BBC iPlayer and all other geo-blocked services from US and UK.

Unblock Netflix on Windows Phone 8.x with VPN

Microsoft did deliver on their promise. Right now you can setup VPN on your Windows Phone device and that means you can watch Netflix on Windows Phone not only via Smart DNS but also VPN. To find out how click on  setup VPN on Windows Phone.


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