Physical location of client and VPN server is important.

Last updated on September 2nd, 2021 in Setup

On many occasions, we have  stated the importance of physical locations of both you and VPN server you wish to connect to. This is important because of few reasons that we will shortly describe below.If you are out shopping for VPN make sure you truly know what are your needs and capabilities. If you are just looking to stay hidden (but that is almost never the case) in the internet than you can choose almost anything. Make sure that VPN provider does not store logs of your internet travels. Secondly, make sure it does not have a history of giving away customers details to the likes of FBI – this has happened before so make sure you have checked reviews and opinions (simply google us out).

However majority of you, beside privacy is also looking for a ways to unblock sites such as Hulu, Netflix, BBC, etc. In order to do that, you need IP address from specific countries – like USA IP address to watch Amazon Prime Instant and Netflix or UK IP address if you want to access BBC iPlayer or ITV on demand. In many cases, you will see information on other VPN sites about price and how many servers there is in the package but not where they are located. If you want to watch BBC than 30 servers in VPN package but not located in Britain are quite useless to you. Another important issue related to this are bandwidth and traffic limitations. In case of HideIPVPN you will get both as UNLIMITED this means that you cans send and receive as many data  as you wish. Remember that TV streaming requires big data transfers.

Lastly, bandwidth – we would suggest you read our articles about “speed” of VPN servers and connections (How fast are VPN servers Part 1 and Part 2). To make sure that you choose the best out of all available servers in location you are interested in there is only one thing you can do – test them all one by one. This is also quite useful before you commit to VPN provider.

HideIPVPN offers you completely Free VPN with US and UK IP so you can test all our servers and all VPN protocols.This is all to make sure that you, our customers are truly happy with us.

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